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It was my boss’ birthday; once again we were stuck on looking for a Cebu restaurant with the golden question being “asa man ta mangaon nga lami?” (“Where are we going to eat that’s delicious?”). I suggested that we eat at Tempura Japanese Grill because I loved it there, and it would be an Asian Experience for my officemates but not all of them are ready for some Japanese cuisine.

When Pakalista Shel suggested that we go to Lemon Grass, I couldn’t agree more because I sooooooo love this restaurant in Ayala Cebu, and there is something for everybody’s tastebuds.

So here are 10 Reasons Why You Should Dine at Lemon Grass (Ayala Cebu):


10. Goi Cuon (Viet fresh summer rolls)

Shrimp, pork, veggie, and herbs wrapped in rice paper

Surprisingly, I love this vegetable roll appetizer ever since the first time I saw its picture on the menu! It’s a classic Love at First Bite moment. Everything is just so fresh, and the spicy peanut sauce that goes with it is simply to die for!

Shel: Hala, mag-expect nalang diay ko anig ingani na headline sa Super Balita, Banat, o Bandera — Tawo, Ready Makabsag Kinabuhi Alang sa Lumpia. Fedge and I liked this dish, but our other officemates did not. There is no accounting for taste gyud. If you like fresh lumpia, chances are you’ll like Goi Cuon.


9. Yam Palomari (Fresh fruit cubes with chicken and shrimp)

Grilled chicken and shrimp mixed with fresh fruit and tossed with Thai vinaigrette, roasted nuts, fried shallots, and cilantro

My first reaction to this is that it’s very laid-back. There is no overpowering spice that competes with the mixture of pineapples, watermelon, chicken, and shrimp aside from the vinaigrette. I am so much in love with this vinaigrette dressing ever since my first experience of it in Ambassador’s Café.

Shel: The description was indeed mouthwatering. This is definitely a safe choice in a group with polar food choices. It’s a great mix of flavors that will leave you wanting for more. I can hear Fedge channeling Britney – give me more indeed!


8. Tom Yam Thale (Sour and spicy seafood soup)

Grouper fillet, shrimp, and squid cooked in mild sour and spicy clean soup with straw mushroom, galangal, and kaffir lime leaves

You haven’t tasted Thai food if you haven’t tried Tom Yam soup. I like Tom Yam soup because I love the explosion of hot and sour taste and the different herbs used, but this version using talay (mixed seafood) was just so-so for me. It was not as explosive as I want it to be. I prefer their Tom Yam Goong (prawns), but so far nothing can top Krua Thai’s Tom Yam Goong.

Shel: Fedge doesn’t like fish, and it would have been a major surprise if he raves about this dish. I am even amazed he tasted it for the sake of blogging. Yeah, I agree though, Tom Yam is served best at Krua.


7. Taoho Sawaei (Royal fried beancurd)

Golden fried tofu on bed of native watercress with lemongrass sauce

I like this tofu because to me it tastes like egg. I did not eat the leaves because I’m afraid I’ll suffer indigestion afterwards. It’s just me. I am definitely configured not to eat green leafy vegetables. One burning question though, is watercress different from kangkong (water spinach or morning glory)?

Shel: Hala mangita usa tag botanist o si Inday the super tindera for your burning question. I think this dish was my choice so I’m going to RAVE like mad about it. Seriously though, if you like tofu, you’ll like it prepared this way.


6. Kung Thot Rat Sot Som

Stir fried shrimps in orange and lemon glaze with cilantro and toasted nuts

I love shrimps! That’s all thank you! Hehehe. I don’t actually remember what makes this stand out, but for sure there is nothing bad I can say about it. Oh! Except that its forgettable. That’s not so bad right?

Shel: I’m even amazed you remember to include it in this list, and ranked 6 no less. This is a so-so dish, as in sooo easy to forget even if you like shrimp.


5. Pad Thai (Thai spicy rice noodle)

Authentic Thai but mildly spiced rice noodles with chicken and shrimp topped with roasted nuts, sprouts, and herbs

I am a big noodle lover. This is my staple food next to rice. I’d rather eat noodles than eat fish! Pad Thai is another popular Thai food. I have already told the waitress that I am not so crazy over their Pad Thai because there was nothing special on it last time I tasted it. She told me that it is best eaten while it’s still hot. I’m still not jumping up and down over this stir-fried noodle but it definitely tasted better.

Shel: Pad Thai is also my fave Thai dish. This one is pretty okay, doesn’t taste a lot better than the one served at Bai Mai (the almost canteen-ish looking Thai restaurant in Mabolo, which has great Tom Yam).


4. Kaeng Curry Puai (Beef in red curry)

Beef brisket cooked in red curry and pineapple with herbs

For me red curry dishes go so well with beef the same way yellow curry dishes do with chicken. I like this because it has coconut milk and pineapples. This is better if it’s spicier to give it some more kick.

Shel: Na-backstage gyud ni na dish, but I like it enough to recommend it to anyone who wants to taste other kinds of curry.


3. Suon Nuong (Grilled pork spareribs)

Charcoal-grilled spareribs seasoned with coriander roots and herbs

Of course, pork dishes are always on top of my list. I always order this every time I visit Lemon Grass. The pork meat is juicy, tender, and grilled to perfection. It is definitely “sarap-to-the-bones.” The special vinegar that comes with it is also very addictive! As in magpangita ka inig ka-human!

Shel: Nakabalita ra ba ko nga nawalaan daw sila ug usa ka case of vinegar Fedge, you know who took them? This dish is a best seller for a reason, so try it, now na!


2. Citrus and herb lemonade

Lemon Grass = Citrus and Herb Lemonade. Your Lemon Grass experience is incomplete without it! I simply love the combination of lemon, orange, cucumber, and (I think) mint leaves.

Shel: This is a very refreshing drink. Is it a good thing if you want to go to Lemon Grass for this drink rather than the food?


1. Good Food, Great Service, and New Location

Overall it was a very good experience of “Vietnamese-Thai Culinary Treasures” in Lemon Grass Ayala Cebu. It definitely belongs in my Top 10 Cebu Restaurants! The food was Aroy! Now you just learned how to say “delicious” in Thai.

Check out Lemon Grass in their new location at the Terraces in Ayala Cebu.


(Photographer: One, two, three, HIYAK!)

Photo credits: Fedge

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  1. piskot gigutom ko nagtanaw sa mga pics, wa pa bya ko maglunch! atot!

  2. Ey berg! Eat na woi… Tara na at mag Lemon Grass na ta sa The Terraces Ayala!

  3. oi wala lagi mo ng invite =(..kalami ba sa food..nice work jeff!

  4. @eyean: thanks yan… lami gyud! finish na bya ko eat, pero naglaway gihapon ko… sunod yan kanang kita na gyud upat!

  5. another great review jeff! #1 is so pang miss universe. hehehe

    love the soup and the tofu!

  6. @jon: haha thanks! expect it in the reviews to come… we want the review to be unpredictable…

  7. @eyean: Yan, lisud sad kaayo kung gi-invite ka namo kay magwonder gyud amu officemates kinsa ka 🙂

  8. thanks for your honest review. you did great pics too. appreciate your interest and appreciation to food. btw, only one thing i will clarify that Lemongrass is not an Asian Fusion resto. it was meant to serve two contrasting and unique cuisines in one restaurant. we chose the famous dishes of two countries and still keeping its full taste profile, execution, and authenticity. thanks a lot and more power to you.

  9. Hi Raki, thanks for visiting the blog. We’re glad you like our review enough to leave a comment. We always aim to be honest and objective in our reviews. We only write about our experience in the hopes of promoting Cebu restaurants in general. Hopefully, other Cebu restaurants will be mindful of this promotion as well because Cebu really has a lot to offer food-wise, and it seems a shame that there are no web promotion strategies in place. Internet marketing is the future. Cebu businesses should start building their web presence any way they can.

  10. the Citrus and Herb Lemonade is really cool. the cucumber must be the ‘secret’ ingredient. hehe

  11. this is a really good resource for educators. thanks for sharing.

  12. will be dining tonight, leo loves the food and the citrus herb. naa paka price list jeff?

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