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Cebu Restaurant - Mediterraneo Greek Restaurant Bar and Cafe

I’ve been unusually silent on this food blog this couple of weeks.  I’ve been busy on quite a lot of things from official work, photography jobs, and freelance product research and development.

You might be wondering if I’m still doing my job as a Pakalista.  The answer to that is an unfortunate YES!  I have the extra inches on my waist to prove that.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be reviewing the following Cebu restaurants: Mediterraneo Greek Restaurant Bar and Cafe, Pablo’s Pizza, Tandoori, and Abaseria.

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I was contacted by people from Eastgate Publishing last May, and they informed me that my photo of the Terraces Ayala Cebu will be published in the June issue of Mabuhay – the in-flight magazine of Philippine Airlines.

I finally got the complimentary copy of the magazine.

Thank you Eastgate Publishing and mabuhay! Read More »

Baked Potato Soup

Mga tol!  Kumusta?  Unsay dagan sa atong life ron?  Ako mao lang gihapon, thanks for asking ha.  Kanang mga men (and mga women) nakakaon namo didto sa Casa Verde Ayala?

Ako naka-eat naku ana nga Cebu restaurant in Terraces Ayala.  Mga three times na siguro.  Pero bad kaayo to last namo pakal didto mga men oi!  Bad tripa adto woi!  As in makapungot! Kanang pungot to the max gyud bah!

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Jollibee Breakfast Meals - Beef Tapa

Jollibee Beef Tapa – Php 76.00

To all our English speaking/reading/writing fans, this post might be difficult to understand.  This post will mostly be in the Cebuano dialect and some Filipino language here and there… and everywhere… i’ll be there! (hehe can’t help but say that!)

So balik ta sa akong pangutana ganiha.  Mokaon ba mo ug breakfast everyday? Tubag mo ha? Read More »

Golden Cowrie Filipino Restaurant in Cebu Philippines

A lot of people made a comment on my Hukad sa Golden Cowrie post, and most of them agreed on the poor service and food quality at the Terraces Ayala branch.

It may seem very contradicting that I recommended Golden Cowrie as one of the restaurants in Cebu to visit and dine in because I somehow trashed the Ayala Cebu branch.

Most of the good dining experiences I had of Golden Cowrie was at the SM branch because my family frequently go there.  This time around I’ll be featuring Golden Cowrie in Lahug.  Find out if my dining experience in this branch was better, great, or worse!

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Last Tuesday, I received a message from Ms. Petit of Kusina Habana informing me that they have something special for me and asked where I want it delivered.

I just realized that in my excitement I forgot to ask why they are giving me some goodies hehehe (KH can you tell me why?).  I just replied my big warm THANK YOU and told Ms. Petit which office to deliver the special gift yippeee!

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Lechon Cebu

I am!  If only my blood pressure would not shoot up!

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Calda Pizza in Cebu

Okay, it may sound like I am a big “palahubog” or “pala-inom” but I am not anymore!  I just think that a nice, hot and fresh-off-the-pan Calda Pizza in Lahug with beer or gin is a perfect combination.  What do you guys think?

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Cebu Photographer Jeffroger Kho - Food and the Streets of Cebu

For those who miss Cebu…

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Roma Mia Cebu Philippines Restaurant at Terraces Ayala Center Cebu by Jeffroger Kho

During my college days roughly 2 years ago I used to associate Roma Mia as a restaurant in Cebu serving mostly pizza, pasta, and those addictive calzones.

Late last year, I was introduced to their grilled dishes, the Godfather Chops in particular, and from then on I’ve found my favorite porkchop in Cebu!

The adage that says “Once tasted, always wanted!” holds very true for Roma Mia’s Godfather Chops. Read More »