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Category Archives: Food Trips

Lemon Cafe’s Shrimps and Pomelo Salad with Asian Chili Dressing

If you’re planning on going to Bora soon, you might want to try these delish food.

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Ice Cream with Fruits as served at Monaco Suites (Boracay)

Check out more pics courtesy of Eyean and Julie. Read More »

IMG_4413 copy

How much would you spend on Cupcakes by Sonja? Read More »

milk station

Tales from The Milk Station (Barili)

It’s summer once again, and if you find yourself on your way to the diving destination that is Moalboal or thereabouts, take a break at the Milk Station in Barili. Read More »


To those who are going to Dumaguete this summer, you might want to try the food at these restaurants: Read More »

          I was with my friends Fedge and Marlon one lazy Sunday last November in Olango Island… you know, the one with the much ballyhooed bird sanctuary. I had a very unforgettable experience man gud back in college when my class went there for a field trip… it was surreal but nice lol… that’s why I wanted to go back. Unfortunately for us, when we went there last November, there were not that many birds in sight. There were more fingers in both my hands than there were birds. A disappointment, I know. But that didn’t stop us from shooting away… with our cams, of course.

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Dagupeña’s Teriyaki Boneless Milkfish Belly

Product placement is everywhere, even in movies, so why not here? Well, for one, somebody has to be willing to place their products in our site hehe. Gena was certainly brave generous enough, and that is why I am featuring Dagupeña Bangus – just in time for the Holy Week. This is also for the health-conscious people.

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cebu philippines restaurant resort bonita oasis moalboal

Good news to all readers!

You can get a 5% discount in room rates at Bonita Oasis located in the diving paradise that is Moalboal, a town located in the south of Cebu. Read More »

Macau’s famous egg tarts

Eyean and Julie went to Macau in April 2008. Thanks guys for sharing your photos with us! Read More »

Once upon a time, the powers that be granted Fedge’s wish to visit the Land of the Rising Sun. And here are the photos that prove he didn’t imagine it at all! Read More »