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If you love coffee, then you must try UCC’s coffee. Yes, UCC Cafe Terrace is relatively expensive compared to the other Cebu coffee shops. However, it is (arguably) by far the Cebu coffee shop with the most number of choices. If wa palang ko nauwaw nila Abbey and Kathleen, naabtan siguro kug 48 years pinili sa drinks na akong sulayan. If you’re the type who looks at the entire menu before choosing, ay makahilak ang waitress ug hinuwat hehe. UCC Coffee is not for everyone. Casual coffee drinkers (me included) would cringe at the sight of SOME of the prices and might not be able to appreciate or be able to tell why their coffee is special. Read More »


Vanille at the Terraces Ayala Cebu Phiilppines

It was my first time in Vanille, and I was very disappointed because the place looked really nice on the outside but served  terrible refreshments.  I was really expecting so much from the place.  We even considered it as the first place to dine when the Terraces Ayala Cebu was just new.  Good thing we tried Sizzlin Pepper Steak instead!

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Zagu Drink @ Super Metro Mandaue Cebu Philippines

Ube and Mocha Zagu Shake

BabyG-Php30 Regular-Php42 Grande-Php60

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Seattle's Best at The Terraces Ayala Cebu Philippines

Ice-blended refreshments from Seattle’s Best Coffee at the Terraces Ayala Cebu

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“Chillax” at Bo’s with Family and Friends

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Tara's Cafe Cebu Philippines Restaurants

I can still remember the first time I’ve known about Tara’s Cafe

We were on our way to Dong Juan when we passed by Tara’s Cafe and were so intrigued by its classy interiors, the lighting, and by the number of people dining there even when it’s already late.

This Cebu restaurant just had to be visited by the Pakalistas and here’s our Tara’s Cafe experience…

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cyma greek restaurant in cebu Cyma… that name reminds me so much of a vacation in Boracay back in 2007… a vacation I was never able to make for some reason.

My good friends Joh and Mark told me to check out the place when I get the chance to go to Bora as when they went there a year earlier they had nothing but praises for the sumptuous food they had there.  I was warned that it was quite pricey but it was so worth it (daw). THAT was to be my number one thing to do when I was supposed to take that trip that year. Read More »

cebu restaurant filipino food cheaverz

Sunday night…

I’ve been craving for a ngohiong for quite sometime now.  I miss the ngohiong from my high school days;  but the store opens until 2pm only, and it’s in Guadalupe.

Coming from The Terraces Ayala Cebu, I drove myself to this Filipino restaurant in Cebu, Cheaverz Fried & Grill, to order take-out of my favorite Filipino food. Read More »

Da Vinci’s Pizza is a homegrown Cebu-based pizza parlor that reinvented the customary tomato-based pizzas and conquered Cebu one branch at a time.

What is the real deal?

Is it REALLY THAT DELICIOUS as most ISTORYANs are raving about?

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Brownie cup and some hot and cold drinks as served at La Marea (The Walk) Read More »