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Category Archives: IT Park/Lahug Area

I was talking with my barkada which Cebu restaurant we frequently visit.  Unfortunately, we can’t single out anything.  It must be because we don’t usually go to a single place to eat, instead we usually try something new.

Back in the days, I remember us being a frequent visitor of East West when “The Village” was still around.  Whew! Time flies really fast.  I remember late nights of eating mango crepe, having some shakes, and of course my favorite garlic cream and sausage pasta (or something like that to ang name sa food hehe).

East West has a new branch now at “The Walk,” and we figured to check it out.

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If Fedge’s goal is to try all steak houses in Cebu (and beyond), mine would be to eat at least once in every Korean restaurant here in Cebu. I am continuously in search of the best bibimbap. I’ve been to less than 10 Korean restaurants so far, and the best bibimbap I’ve had is the one served at Yu Hee Jeong. Not all Korean restaurants serve bibimbap though, certainly not the one in JY Lahug. Dakimong serves mostly chicken dishes, but they also have pork, beef, and seafood. I didn’t find a good bibimbap here, but I found a unique appetizer and a new favorite – the Osam Bulgogi. Read on to find out what exactly it is. Read More »

Carenderia in Cebu: Cowboy's Chow Pakal's Eatery

Halu halu halu!  Mga tol, mga chung, mga repapips, mga bro!  Kamustamos, ok pa ba mo dinha?

Murag ako dili haha.  Dili pud ko hubog ha ug wala pud ko nagbadlis!  Ingon ani lang gyud ko.  Dili pud ni epekto sa pagkaon didto sa Cowboy’s Chow Pakal’s Eatery ha.

Pero kung gusto mo makabalo ug unsay ayo anang kan-anana,  i-click ang link palihug sa ubos mga tol (ug ang mga chicks nalang pud hehe)! (Pakalista Shel, ayaw nalang ug palag ug react diha hahaha). Read More »

Roti with red curry sauce (Php 80)

Spice Fusion was practically the only Cebu restaurant I knew that served Roti, which I like very much. Now there’s Banana Leaf and Makan. There might be other restaurants in Cebu that serve Roti, but for now these are the only names that come to mind. So how good is Makan’s roti? Read on to find out… Read More »

The Breakfast Club’s Cheeseburger

If you work anywhere at the I.T. Park, and you’ve had enough fastfood, the Breakfast Club’s sandwiches make good alternatives. And most of them are all under Php 100. Read More »

vips in asia

It’s difficult to find a place at the IT Park that has good food and away from a noisy street or crowd. My search is over with the opening of VIPS in Asia. It opened a week ago, and it is located in the same building as Tara’s Cafe but at the opposite side. Yep, the side facing the parking area/grassy location where people jog at night.

I originally thought the location is not a strategic one for a restaurant because it is not easily spotted. After eating there, I think it is the perfect spot for people like me who want to eat in peace. The interiors are great by the way; quite unique, in fact, with different styles of lamps on the wall and some murals and wooden airplane models as ceiling decor. There are lots of visually interesting objects in this cozy place. As for the food (Asian Fusion as stated in the menu), you have to read the rest of this post to find out.

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cebu native delicacy

La Marea’s Royal Bibingka (Php 95) – is it really fit for a king?

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Golden Cowrie Filipino Restaurant in Cebu Philippines

A lot of people made a comment on my Hukad sa Golden Cowrie post, and most of them agreed on the poor service and food quality at the Terraces Ayala branch.

It may seem very contradicting that I recommended Golden Cowrie as one of the restaurants in Cebu to visit and dine in because I somehow trashed the Ayala Cebu branch.

Most of the good dining experiences I had of Golden Cowrie was at the SM branch because my family frequently go there.  This time around I’ll be featuring Golden Cowrie in Lahug.  Find out if my dining experience in this branch was better, great, or worse!

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Calda Pizza in Cebu

Okay, it may sound like I am a big “palahubog” or “pala-inom” but I am not anymore!  I just think that a nice, hot and fresh-off-the-pan Calda Pizza in Lahug with beer or gin is a perfect combination.  What do you guys think?

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I’ve never been to Tara’s Cafe in Banawa, but I’ve heard good things about the restaurant’s food (from Fedge). It was Berg who told me initially that a branch will open at the I.T. Park soon. And sure enough, weeks after that talk, this Cebu restaurant did open at the building across Bo’s Coffee.

The first thing I noticed was the restaurant’s blue lights. It’s tough to be the new kid in the neighborhood so you have to resort to lighting, I suppose, just to get noticed in a place brimming with restaurants.

I was supposed to check out the food with my office mates on Earth Day but something happened. Long story short, I went there with another set of friends. And yes, we made the right choice that rainy evening. Read More »