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Category Archives: Mango Ave., Ramos Area

Chinese Restaurant in Cebu: Dimsum Break

For the past few weeks, featured home-grown Filipino restaurants in Cebu Tsiboom and Golden Cowrie, and also popular pizza places like (the controversial) Alberto’s Pizza and Calda Pizza.

This week the Pakalistas of will bring you some Chinese loving.  The Chinese have very strong influence on Filipino cuisine.  Typical examples are the pansit and the lumpia, which are very much of Chinese origin but are also served in Filipino restaurants in the Philippines.  But whatever origin it comes from, as long as it tastes good, affordable, and easy to prepare, the Filipinos will love it!

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Pizza Restaurant in Cebu Philippines - Handuraw Pizza

I have always loved Handuraw Pizza way back when it still had a branch adjacent to Kahayag Cafe in Mabolo, Cebu City.  Pakalista Jon and I happen to be in One Mango Avenue and just had to grab a Handuraw Pizza.

Big problem though -Jon is a VEGETARIAN and I’m a MEAT LOVER! What to do???!!

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Food Review of Chinese Restaurant in Cebu Philippines: Majestic Express

I seldom see a food blog out there reviewing food establishments in a food court.

We at aim to promote ALL food and restaurants in Cebu.  Be it from a humble carenderia, a stall on the mall or on the street, a family-owned cafe, or posh places like restaurants in the Terraces Ayala Cebu and hotel-based Cebu restaurants.

So first up on our food court escapade is Majestic Express at Robinson’s Mall.

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