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Category Archives: Guadalupe

Tara's Cafe Cebu Philippines Restaurants

I can still remember the first time I’ve known about Tara’s Cafe

We were on our way to Dong Juan when we passed by Tara’s Cafe and were so intrigued by its classy interiors, the lighting, and by the number of people dining there even when it’s already late.

This Cebu restaurant just had to be visited by the Pakalistas and here’s our Tara’s Cafe experience…

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Philippines Food & Restaurant - Arano Spanish Restaurant in Cebu

I enjoy going to restaurants that are not in malls. Sure there are lots of great eats in mall-based Cebu restaurants, but going to restaurants like Arano in Guadalupe is something special to me. I like restaurants that are not crowded or too noisy so I can enjoy my food and no one will compete with my chatter. Read More »

So we’ve been hearing about this little nook for the past couple of weeks. Friends, officemates and a feature in the newspaper’s lifestyle section have all name-dropped it indicating that we should try it out sometime.

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