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The Pakalistas Revealed

(otherwise known as the longest post in the entire blog)

In no particular order, the Characters are:

Shel — real name: Richelle A., tambay name: Mogs, pa-sosyal name: Louisa — 20 something — loves seafood, veggies, and Wentworth Miller, and not necessarily in this order — chair, Chocoholics Anonymous (Dark Chocolate Chapter) — Star Sign: Aquarius

Richelle does freelance copy writing and editing on a part-time basis. She can write anything from radiocarbon dating to biographies of actors, usually in Wikipedia style. She unwinds from the seriousness of her work through this blog. Her contribution on this site is mostly on content, concept, corny jokes, and general chaos.

Fedge — real name: Jeffroger K., tambay name: Jeproks, pa-sosyal: Jeff — 20 something — loves meat, meat, and more meat — for him, a fish is a friend, not food — professional photographer wannabe — Star Sign: Sagittarius

Jeff ‘s hobby is to take photos of food before he ingests them. He owns most of the pics in this blog. He also contributes content on this site.

Berg — real name: Gilbert C., tambay name: Bertox, pa-cute name: Gilby — 20 something — prefers Japanese food, fast food take-out — loves food that starts with letter “p” (pizza, pasta, pancake) — if Berg is a contestant in the Eating Olympics, he will bring home the bacon gold medal, clocking the longest time to finish a meal — Star Sign: Capricorn

Berg is a music blogger. He can (and would love to) choreograph dance routines. He also contributes content in this blog, but mostly he provides blog traffic/promotion … or so they thought.

Eyean — real name: Christian T., tambay name: Yaniks, pa-cute name: Yan-Yan — still 20 something by heart — prefers food that are simple (doesn’t look weird for him) — fond of meat and leche flan — iced tea must be stirred, not shaken — Star Sign: Capricorn

Eyean is a photo blogger and a Web designer. The layout is his fault! He mostly contributes photos, silence, and peace.

Honorary Pakalista:

Carmel P. — photo contributor

If you have more time to waste, read on . . .

Infrequently Asked Questions

Why do you call yourselves Pakalistas?

Because we can. And it sounds classy compared to Habhaberos or Kaonatics.

What does Pakalista mean? Is that even a word?

Of course, it is a word! It is a slang coined for blogging purposes. Pakalista is derived from the Cebuano slang “pakal,” which means to eat with gusto. This description sorely needs an illustration, but until Fedge agrees to make a fierce pose for this portion, you guys will just have to imagine how “pakal” is done.

How does one become a Pakalista?

Through blackmail or bribery (“,)  Pakalistas must be Cebuanos or those who are contributing to the shortage in space in the King City of the South. An OPW (Overseas Pakalista Wannabe) status is bestowed on Cebuanos who are “pakal-ing” outside the Island of Cebu. Of course, they must also share the Pakalista’s quest to rule the world one serving at a time.

Why do you guys have tambay and pa-sosyal/cute names?

Names should reflect the type of food we will be talking about. If we eat and blog about street food (cringe-worthy for Fedge) the tambay names will be displayed. If we eat in ultra expensive restaurants (48 years from now), the pa-sosyal names will be used.

What is your objective in making this blog?

Nothing less than world domination! Getting an award from the governor or the tourism head will be okay too.

Is world domination really the reason why you made the blog?

Yes. But there’s also a smidgen of self-preservation involved. You see, relatives and friends usually ask us about the places we can recommend. Giving answers to lots of people is becoming an ordeal. This time around, we can give the shortest answer – the blog’s URL. We also hope to give aid to our friends abroad. Through this blog, they’ll have an idea where to treat us when they come back. BANGKA! BANGKA!

What if you run out of restaurants to visit?

Then we move on to fiestas and birthdays. Actually, we can do fiestas and birthdays anytime if invited (“,)

What makes the Pakalistas’ blog different from other food blogs?

We don’t take ourselves seriously nor do we want our readers to. It is not our sole intention to influence people on where to eat although that might happen. Other blogs look and sound like magazines and scrapbooks. We want ours to be like autographs, you get to read and answer lame requests like define love, or in our case, define a creme brulee or a batchoy. We want the blog to stand out as a fun place to visit. We may not be the most informative, but dammit we should be the most entertaining!

Speaking of autographs, what is the Pakalistas’ motto?

Go, Grow, Glow!

Any friendly reminders or life-changing message to your readers (if any)?

Fedge of

If you have burning questions you want to be included in this list of IAQs, don’t hesitate to e-mail any of the Pakalistas (see Contact the Pakalistas page).

By the way, the IAQs section is an example of Shel’s love for nonsense.

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