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If you love coffee, then you must try UCC’s coffee. Yes, UCC Cafe Terrace is relatively expensive compared to the other Cebu coffee shops. However, it is (arguably) by far the Cebu coffee shop with the most number of choices. If wa palang ko nauwaw nila Abbey and Kathleen, naabtan siguro kug 48 years pinili sa drinks na akong sulayan. If you’re the type who looks at the entire menu before choosing, ay makahilak ang waitress ug hinuwat hehe. UCC Coffee is not for everyone. Casual coffee drinkers (me included) would cringe at the sight of SOME of the prices and might not be able to appreciate or be able to tell why their coffee is special. Read More »

It was early July when I got an invite from Abbey of UCC Coffee to try their breakfast specials. I was pleasantly surprised to get the e-mail because I wasn’t the author of our first UCC post. Two weeks after that, Berg and I finally got to meet Abbey and Kathleen at UCC Coffee Cafe Terrace (ako tawn ng pirti ka lapad sa picture above, walay mo-comment ha!). Berg had been to various UCC shops in Manila. Me? It was my first time there, but I’ve been meaning to try their drinks despite hearing that it could cost me an arm and other appendages (so you think Starbucks is expensive!). Yep, I was mighty impressed and had a fun time. Lami gyud ang free haha!

I learned a lot about coffee that day, not only about UCC Coffee but about the beverage in general. And to show our appreciation, we will have 3 separate posts featuring UCC Cafe Terrace. It’s UCC week y’all!

I was happy to get my very first freebie as a Pakalista months ago, so you can just imagine my joy when I got more freebies — some low-fat coffee and a UCC mug as souvenir! I am so babaw, and loving it!  The mug was indeed special. If you want to know why, read on …

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UCC cafe terrace ayala cebu

UCC Cafe Terrace finally opened its first branch in Cebu last April 25th 2009. UCC stands for Ueshima Coffee Company, a Japan-based coffee company (not just a coffee shop) which has earned a good reputation in its home country enough to become a household name. In Manila, lots of positive word-of-mouth have made the various incarnations of UCC (Vienna Cafe, Park Cafe, and Cafe Terrace) a must-try culinary destination for their high-quality coffee selection, delectable dishes, and tantalizing desserts. Read More »

“Chillax” at Bo’s with Family and Friends

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Berg and I received an invitation from our friend for the Grand Opening of Kopi Roti in Cebu. We don’t know if she owned the place because she wouldn’t tell us when we asked her. I wasn’t so sure in attending either. My “vegan-ish” friend Jon sent me a message that he’ll be at Kopi Roti as early as 5:30 pm. I guess everyone from our group is going to Kopi Roti so I guess I have to go. Read More »