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Greek Food

Cebu Restaurant - Mediterraneo Greek Restaurant Bar and Cafe

I’ve been unusually silent on this food blog this couple of weeks.  I’ve been busy on quite a lot of things from official work, photography jobs, and freelance product research and development.

You might be wondering if I’m still doing my job as a Pakalista.  The answer to that is an unfortunate YES!  I have the extra inches on my waist to prove that.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be reviewing the following Cebu restaurants: Mediterraneo Greek Restaurant Bar and Cafe, Pablo’s Pizza, Tandoori, and Abaseria.

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cyma greek restaurant in cebu Cyma… that name reminds me so much of a vacation in Boracay back in 2007… a vacation I was never able to make for some reason.

My good friends Joh and Mark told me to check out the place when I get the chance to go to Bora as when they went there a year earlier they had nothing but praises for the sumptuous food they had there.  I was warned that it was quite pricey but it was so worth it (daw). THAT was to be my number one thing to do when I was supposed to take that trip that year. Read More »