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Category Archives: Pakalistas Adventures

Vanille at the Terraces Ayala Cebu Phiilppines

It was my first time in Vanille, and I was very disappointed because the place looked really nice on the outside but served  terrible refreshments.  I was really expecting so much from the place.  We even considered it as the first place to dine when the Terraces Ayala Cebu was just new.  Good thing we tried Sizzlin Pepper Steak instead!

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Dagupeña’s Teriyaki Boneless Milkfish Belly

Product placement is everywhere, even in movies, so why not here? Well, for one, somebody has to be willing to place their products in our site hehe. Gena was certainly brave generous enough, and that is why I am featuring Dagupeña Bangus – just in time for the Holy Week. This is also for the health-conscious people.

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Skywalk Extreme is yet another Sky Experience Adventure that Crown Regency Hotel visitors will enjoy. It was cloudy when my friends tried the Edge Coaster, and they had to postpone their “skywalk” experience until late that night due to rain. But it was well worth it. Read More »

edge coaster crown regency

It was CLEARLY not a day for a sky experience adventure, but we braved the cold and the winds and were more than determined to have a good time. And we did. Read More »