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Restaurant in Cebu Philippines: Flavours of China

It has been a while since I dined in SM City Cebu because I always find myself roaming around the Terraces Ayala Cebu.

My family had a wonderful dining experience the first time they tried the Flavours of China at the Northwing so I thought I’d try it as well.  My only apprehension was that (if I’m not mistaken) they have the same owner as Tempura Japanese Grill, and they may have the same policy regarding taking of food pictures.

Read on and join me as I taste the Flavours of China (and find out if there was any bloodshed!).

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Graduation Cupcakes

Hi guys!  It is the middle of March and we’re here not to remind you about the Fire Prevention Month nor talk about summer vacation plans because it’s too early for that that will be on another post.  Rather, we just want to say CONGRATULATIONS to the March 2009 Graduates!

We are not about to make long speeches that starts or ends with “This is not the end, but only the beginning!” Let’s save that for the deans and principals of the world (no offense meant).  We are more concerned on what happens after the graduation ceremony.  Yes, you guessed it right guys!  It’s PAKAL time after GRADUATION time!

By popular demand of one subscriber, we bring you the much-awaited and highly coveted list of Cebu restaurants to visit after graduation.

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Filipino Chinese Restaurant in Cebu Philippines - Manila Foodshoppe at Parkmall

The best things in life are free!

I like it when I get to visit a Cebu Restaurant that I haven’t tried yet and dine there for FREE!  Pakal session at this Chinese restaurant in Parkmall Mandaue Cebu was one of those days.

It was a spur of the moment decision when my officemate decided to treat us a week after her birthday.  I was even more pleased to know that we will be celebrating at Manila Foodshoppe in Parkmall.

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Chinese Restaurant in Cebu: Dimsum Break

For the past few weeks, featured home-grown Filipino restaurants in Cebu Tsiboom and Golden Cowrie, and also popular pizza places like (the controversial) Alberto’s Pizza and Calda Pizza.

This week the Pakalistas of will bring you some Chinese loving.  The Chinese have very strong influence on Filipino cuisine.  Typical examples are the pansit and the lumpia, which are very much of Chinese origin but are also served in Filipino restaurants in the Philippines.  But whatever origin it comes from, as long as it tastes good, affordable, and easy to prepare, the Filipinos will love it!

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Food Review of Chinese Restaurant in Cebu Philippines: Majestic Express

I seldom see a food blog out there reviewing food establishments in a food court.

We at aim to promote ALL food and restaurants in Cebu.  Be it from a humble carenderia, a stall on the mall or on the street, a family-owned cafe, or posh places like restaurants in the Terraces Ayala Cebu and hotel-based Cebu restaurants.

So first up on our food court escapade is Majestic Express at Robinson’s Mall.

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Chinese Restaurant in Cebu - Wang Shan Lo - Club Ultima, Philippines Food, Philippines Restaurant

So we are kinda going serious with our photography hobby and got ourselves an unofficial gig; a pre-nup for a friend who got married last October 2008.  Yes guys, this post is so long overdue!

After the photo shoot, which by the way we were not so proud of since we were so amateur then and even now, we got ourselves invited for dinner with the couple at Wang Shan Lo Chinese Restaurant at Club Ultima.

I was kinda excited because it was my first time to go up the Club Ultima.  The elevator ride freaked me out a bit because it went up very fast, and we were in a see-through capsule elevator.  Although the way up was scary, I just conditioned myself about the bountiful eat-all-you-can (Php 450) dinner we will be having. Read More »

cebu restaurant filipino food cheaverz

Sunday night…

I’ve been craving for a ngohiong for quite sometime now.  I miss the ngohiong from my high school days;  but the store opens until 2pm only, and it’s in Guadalupe.

Coming from The Terraces Ayala Cebu, I drove myself to this Filipino restaurant in Cebu, Cheaverz Fried & Grill, to order take-out of my favorite Filipino food. Read More »

Cebu Restaurants Chowabunga

Sunday morning….

The frustrated-wannabe-photographer Pakalistas were out early for a weekend photo-op. After sweating it out in the early morning sun, it’s time for breakfast.

When it’s chow time, it’s CHOWABUNGGA time!

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