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Sweet coconut bars … simple treat from Barili

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Barquillos from South Cebu tastes a lot better than the ones sold in groceries for some reason. Read More »

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Cebu Restaurants Chowabunga

Sunday morning….

The frustrated-wannabe-photographer Pakalistas were out early for a weekend photo-op. After sweating it out in the early morning sun, it’s time for breakfast.

When it’s chow time, it’s CHOWABUNGGA time!

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Bocarillo is sweetened coconut strips with milk Read More »

Guys, I’ve met my life partner…

Hany is so sweet…


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If you are about to go to Cebu or you’re already in Cebu, and you have no idea what to bring to folks back home for pasalubong/gift/bribe, then look no further than Cebu’s DRIED MANGO.

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