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Last Tuesday, I received a message from Ms. Petit of Kusina Habana informing me that they have something special for me and asked where I want it delivered.

I just realized that in my excitement I forgot to ask why they are giving me some goodies hehehe (KH can you tell me why?).  I just replied my big warm THANK YOU and told Ms. Petit which office to deliver the special gift yippeee!

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Vanille at the Terraces Ayala Cebu Phiilppines

It was my first time in Vanille, and I was very disappointed because the place looked really nice on the outside but served  terrible refreshments.  I was really expecting so much from the place.  We even considered it as the first place to dine when the Terraces Ayala Cebu was just new.  Good thing we tried Sizzlin Pepper Steak instead!

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“Chillax” at Bo’s with Family and Friends

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Cebu Food Blog - Red Ribbon Cake

Ce Qui Est Dedans Red Ribbon?

Translates to “What’s Inside that Red Ribbon?“.  Or I hope that’s the translation!

But anyway, let’s see what’s inside and find out why I’m doing some French. Read More »