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I was talking with my barkada which Cebu restaurant we frequently visit.  Unfortunately, we can’t single out anything.  It must be because we don’t usually go to a single place to eat, instead we usually try something new.

Back in the days, I remember us being a frequent visitor of East West when “The Village” was still around.  Whew! Time flies really fast.  I remember late nights of eating mango crepe, having some shakes, and of course my favorite garlic cream and sausage pasta (or something like that to ang name sa food hehe).

East West has a new branch now at “The Walk,” and we figured to check it out.

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Jollibee Breakfast Meals - Beef Tapa

Jollibee Beef Tapa – Php 76.00

To all our English speaking/reading/writing fans, this post might be difficult to understand.  This post will mostly be in the Cebuano dialect and some Filipino language here and there… and everywhere… i’ll be there! (hehe can’t help but say that!)

So balik ta sa akong pangutana ganiha.  Mokaon ba mo ug breakfast everyday? Tubag mo ha? Read More »