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We made it to Yummy’s 10 Best Local Food Blogs. Yey! Thanks Yummy!

It’s nice to know that our “hobby” and efforts are now being recognized online. Yummy is recommending DiningCebu for those who want to check out good eats in Cebu. The article includes a short interview – article link.

Too bad our blog has not been updated much since the middle part of the year. We hope to find time soon! For now, we have enough posts (120+) in the blog for our readers to scan through.

2009 Philippine Blog Awards

We would have had a sad first year anniversary (months ago!) if not for the great news Fedge sent (months ago!). DC was a 2009 Philippine Blog Awards finalist in the Best Food & Beverage Blog Category.

We didn’t have many recent posts. I’m not sure if that affected our chances of winning (haha as if!). Yes, we lost.

As trite as it may sound, being a finalist really is enough, at least to me. The Pakalista who nominated the blog na di nato taguon sa pangalang Fedge probably wanted to go all the way to the podium. Being recognized for our efforts is enough for me. This blog is a labor of love, more than anything else. None of us ever got any monetary reward for our efforts here.

We will strive to have a blogging schedule that will allow us to share more of our food trips to our readers. We are thankful to those who still visit the site despite the lack of activity. Keep on reading!



  1. You know what? I also found another blog-spot on the net for food! Its Yummy-Cebu! Check it out in a while…

  2. It’s true Yummy Cebu is quite nice…

  3. Congratuations!! 🙂

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