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I was contacted by people from Eastgate Publishing last May, and they informed me that my photo of the Terraces Ayala Cebu will be published in the June issue of Mabuhay – the in-flight magazine of Philippine Airlines.

I finally got the complimentary copy of the magazine.

Thank you Eastgate Publishing and mabuhay!

Here’s how it appears on page 55 for the article “Cebu by the NUMBERS.”

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Published on Mabuhay Magazine - Terraces Ayala Cebu

Published Photo (below)

The Terraces Ayala Cebu Philippines

The rest of Fedge’s Terraces Ayala photos are found here.


Craving for some pizza? Try Pablo’s Pizza located in Maguikay, Mandaue (in front of Goodyear Service Center).



  1. Congrats, Jeff! National Geographic na lagi ni sunod! Pwede pud the Buzz Magazine hehe

  2. congrats jeff! asa naman ang pizza?

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