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I was talking with my barkada which Cebu restaurant we frequently visit.  Unfortunately, we can’t single out anything.  It must be because we don’t usually go to a single place to eat, instead we usually try something new.

Back in the days, I remember us being a frequent visitor of East West when “The Village” was still around.  Whew! Time flies really fast.  I remember late nights of eating mango crepe, having some shakes, and of course my favorite garlic cream and sausage pasta (or something like that to ang name sa food hehe).

East West has a new branch now at “The Walk,” and we figured to check it out.

Basket of Kropek

Basket of Kropek – Php 65.00

We started with a basket of kropek and some garlic and mushrooms.  This was just an appetizer for me but it was already my friend’s early morning snack!

Na-shock lang ko sa waiter that time ha kay nagdali-dali gyud ug panghipos sa mga plato!  Bisan naa pay sulod isa kabuok ang basket sa kropek kay gikuha naman!  Kasayang ato woi! Hehehe.  Sayang bya gyud 🙂

Garlic and Mushrooms

Garlic and Mushrooms – Php 65.00

At this late or early, however you see it, I couldn’t help but order a breakfast bacon with egg.  I was craving for some bacon that time!  I like East West’s bacon because it has plenty of meat instead of fat.  Although I don’t mind the fat if it’s cooked crispy right!

I am a bit disappointed though with the way the egg was cooked.  Mura man tawn ni ug giluto ug bata oi! Hehehe.  Mas maka-porma paman ko luto itlog ani kaysa nila.  Tsk tsk tsk.  East West – practice, practice, practice.

Breakfast Bacon

Single breakfast bacon served with egg and iced tea – Php 125.00

Berg ordered the one below! Hehehe.  Sorry but I can’t remember it’s full name.  I think its along these words: Garlic Cream and Sausage Pasta, but I’m not sure.  This is one of Berg’s favorite from East West.  I also liked this because I’ve ordered it a couple of times before and it WAS good.

Garlic Sausage Pasta

Garlic Sausage Pasta

I tasted that one and something was really off.  It was not how I remember it years ago.  The sauce was not that thick and rich.  It was just like you’re eating a normal spaghetti, and the sausage was like cheap tasting.  I dunno if it was just me, but it was off by a great mile.

Cheese Beefburger Supreme

Beefburger with cheese Php 99 Supreme + Php 60 Fries and Ice tea

Okay lang the burger.  The patty was soft and you can really taste the meat and not just extenders.  I like the fries on this one but nothing beats some mojos on the side!  I am craving for some Handuraw or Shakey’s mojos!  Mojo, mojo!

Overall, I am not so sure if East West has kept the food quality and service to the same level as before.  I dunno if it matters that we dined there way past the chef’s bedtime, but I just hope that East West can do something about it.  I’m not saying that it’s bad.  But it’s not great.



  1. Is this resto still owned by the same group or has it change hands?

  2. the food is not that great but it could pass. =) was not so impressed with the pasta aligue (if im not wrong) . they should do well with the potato dips. to me, it was just plain mayo. a sprig of parsley wouldn’t hurt love =) but nonetheless, the place was cozy, service was good. (East west, the walk)

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