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Last Tuesday, I received a message from Ms. Petit of Kusina Habana informing me that they have something special for me and asked where I want it delivered.

I just realized that in my excitement I forgot to ask why they are giving me some goodies hehehe (KH can you tell me why?).  I just replied my big warm THANK YOU and told Ms. Petit which office to deliver the special gift yippeee!

send your love, your kisses, your big hug, 
and a wonderful mug full of choco surprises…. 
to the best man in your life!

for only P175 (US$4)

Your father will get a mocha colored mug with a dozen assorted pastries (one inch square) –
chewy dark brownies, cream cheese brownie swirl, & oatmeal bars.

Email for your orders.  You may send your payments through paypal or BPI.

Seriously, you have got to try those soft, moist, and chewy dark brownies!


One Comment

  1. Fedge, saonz Father’s Day gyud imung post hehe. Suya ko sa mug ha, but ikaw man gud wa ka try sa mango cake mao na ikaw ang sa Father’s Day mug. But basin father na gyud pud imung aura karun… murag di sad cguro kay wa pa man ga-Earth hour every day 🙂 Lami jud ug nawng ning brownies, is it too much to hope for na wa pa ni nahurot?

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