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Lechon Cebu

I am!  If only my blood pressure would not shoot up!

I should say that you haven’t been to Cebu, Philippines, if you haven’t tried Cebu’s Crispy Lechon Baboy or Roasted Pig for our foreign readers (if any).  Although other provinces in the Philippines also have lechon, most of them agree that lechon Cebu is different and better.

Most of my suppliers that visit Cebu almost always bring a box of lechon on top of other Cebu delicacies like Cebu’s dried mangoes.  One time I’ve heard on the now-defunct Kris and Korina show that Kris Aquino air freighted a whole lechon from Cebu.  Lechon Cebu is THAT popular!

Lechon Cebu

Lechon in Cebu is priced at Php 330 – Php 380 per kilo (as of this writing) depending on where in Cebu City you buy it.  In Carcar, it’s priced inexpensively low at only Php 250 per kilo.

So grab a kilo or two of Cebu’s lechon now! Now na! Tara na! Karon na! (dili kaayo ka excited Jeff sa? – Shel)

Photo by Jeffroger Kho


First time here in

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Just in time for the rainy days, lunch delivered to your offices….





  1. and a lot of people agree the lechon in talisay is the best in cebu. hmn…

  2. paibog lang man mo diha sa inyong lechon panghatag sad oi manang heheheheheheheh………………..Salamat nabusog gyud ko imo kong gihatagan ahahahahah………thank you very much

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