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Calda Pizza in Cebu

Okay, it may sound like I am a big “palahubog” or “pala-inom” but I am not anymore!  I just think that a nice, hot and fresh-off-the-pan Calda Pizza in Lahug with beer or gin is a perfect combination.  What do you guys think?

Calda’s Quattro Stagione Pizza (photo above) is composed of 4 kinds: the Bolognese, Hawaiian, Etna, and Calda Pizza.  I always end up ordering over and over my favorite Quattro Stagione Pizza because most of the time I bring new friends who almost missed half of their lives by missing out on a good Calda Pizza.

Calda Pizza in Cebu

Calda’s Filetto Pizza has tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, beef fillet, pork fillet, and mushrooms with bearnaise sauce.  Undoubtedly this is a meat lover’s favorite!

Cala Pizza already has 3 branches in Cebu: Lahug, Talamban, and the newly-opened Banawa branch.  The Calda Pizza in Lahug is the perfect place to enjoy pizza and SOME booze with friends and Pakalistas!  The Talamban and Banawa branches are ideal for families.

You can now order Extra Supersize (36″) of any Calda Pizza by adding Php 250 on the Super (30″).

Photo credits: Jeffroger Kho

Chicken and Broccoli Pizza With Lemon Peppercorn Sauce on Foodista

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  1. hate to burst your bubble but bearnaise sauce is actually yellow not red, since its suppose to be made partly of egg yolks. but still, good post and i know calda is a good pizza place.

  2. i didn’t like calda pizza when i ate there. their only plus is that they have that super big pizza. but in terms of taste, calda pizza is just very average.

  3. Hi LS & Ultimate Cebu!

    @LS, try kuno ko anang naay bernaise sauce next time.

    @Ultimate Cebu, I know what you mean about the taste. That’s probably why it isn’t as expensive as its competitors, decent man iyang taste lang.

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