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MB's Tavern Restaurant in Cebu Philippines Photography by Jeffroger Kho

MB’s Tavern is located (near Mactan Doctors Hospital) just a few kilometers from our house, but I’ve been there only a few times.  Most of the time I’m there with my high school friends (+ one other). They just love MB’s pizza!  Back when my friends head over to our house for a pakal session (me cooking baked mac), they usually grab a box of pizza from MB’s Tavern.

I remember good, bad, and funny memories there.  A friend of mine cried because she saw her ex there with another girl (I think that’s why she cried hehe), and the unforgettable moment when my other friend asked their staff the question: “Naa moy special room diri?” and the waitress replied “Yes mam, Fish and Chips” Hehehe…

I think I’ve said enough chikka and none of the review!  So here goes my review of MB’s Tavern.

Okay I said that I will get on to the review but just a very short and quick note.  We decided to eat at MB’s Tavern after doing a photoshoot in Lapu-Lapu for Natalie Accessories in Ayala Cebu.  That’s the reason why our skin got sun-kissed!  Check out our work here: Jeffroger Kho Photography

Whew shameless plug!  Now that it’s out of my chest, on to the review.  Review na gyud ni promise!

MB’s Tavern Pizza (Php 290)

Topped with ham, mushroom, salami, onion, green pepper, ground beef, tomato and lots of mozzarella cheese served with 4 glasses of Nestea iced tea

MB's Tavern - Pizza Food Photography by Jeffroger Kho

What I love about MB’s Tavern’s Pizza is that their pizzas have thin crust.  If I remember correctly, back then they were among the few restaurants in Cebu that serve thin crust pizza.  This was way before Da Vinci’s, Alberto’s, and Calda Pizza existed and only the big names like Pizza Hut, Shakey’s, and JCA Pizza.

The taste is not for every Filipino out there because it is somewhat bland, slightly sour, and you get that “tomatoey” taste (sorry can’t think of the right word).  I like this kind of flavor in a pizza because it’s not salty and not very rich in taste.

MB’s Tavern Baked Pizza Sketti (Php 310)

Spaghetti noodles in tomato sauce with ground beef, green pepper, mushroom, mozzarella cheese, parmessan cheese, and pepperoni sausage served with 4 glasses of Nestea iced tea

MB's Tavern - Pizza Sketti Food Photography by Jeffroger Kho

MB’s Tavern’s Baked Pizza Sketti is another favorite of mine.  It’s again not the usual sweet style Filipino-favorite type of spaghetti.  It’s named a pizza sketti because it is baked in a pizza crust-shaped clay refractory.  For a time I wished it was a real pizza crust!

I love this Italian style mildly sour type of spaghetti because it just brings out the rich taste of the tomatoes, and the spices on top really enhanced this tomato-based dish.  Again, not for everybody’s taste but if you’re into Italian style spaghetti I’m sure you’ll love it.

MB’s Tavern not only serves pizza and pasta but other European dishes like my other favorites Wiener Schnitzel and Hungarian Sausage.  You can have fun while waiting for your order. They also have a pool table and a bar upstairs.

Photography by “Fedge” Jeffroger Kho

Baked Spaghetti on Foodista



  1. I love eating at MB’s but I only have one complaint the salad. I love the dressing and everything about it BUT the only problem is they don’t remove excess water when they wash the greens..The salad becomes to watery..other than that I got no complaint. I just hope they read this post and they do something about it.

  2. Had a not so pleasant experience with their pizza. I kinda found a few maggots not so long ago. We never ordered from them since.

  3. @LS – That’s just too bad. I haven’t been to MB’s in ages. I am still, however, willing to eat there again. I never go there for the pizza anyway. I go there for the sinfully creamy mashed potatoes. 🙂

  4. problem at MB’s tavern, their employees shows off so much skin, skimpy skirts, bulging vnecks, etc. but i love the food.

  5. Hi Xtin, thanks for dropping by our blog and for posting a comment. Yeah, murag ana lang gyud cguro ilang costume aw uniform diay. I wonder if it has gotten skimpier over time, maybe cost-cutting? hehe Btaw, I think the uniform is because MB’s has lots of expats customers…and you know (channeling Manny Pacquiao)…

  6. GUYS do you have a photo of their menu? hehe

  7. the shnitzels at mb’s used to be really good. the last time i was there it was horrible.

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