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Bigby's Restaurant in Cebu Philippines

If you’re following this blog religiously, you may have noticed that in almost every food and restaurant review we make, there’s a backstory behind why we choose to dine at a certain place.

Dinner at Bigby’s Cafe and Restaurant at the Terraces Ayala Cebu was no different.  It had a backstory all right but it’s as shallow as Bigby’s serving bottomless ice tea unlike Sunburst.  But don’t get me wrong, that’s not the only thing Bigby’s has to offer.

Stick around to know what I love about Bigby’s Cafe and Restaurant.

Whenever we dine at Bigby’s Cafe & Restaurant, I always go straight to the Sizzlers section of their menu and contemplate long and hard whether I’d order their Rodeo Chops again or try something else.  This time it ended up with me ordering the same Rodeo Chops and asked somebody else to try the other pork or beef sizzlers.

Bigby's Restaurant in Cebu Philippines
Grilled Rodeo Chops (Php 199) – marinated porkchops grilled nice and easy, served with rice and your choice of pan gravy or cranberry sauce

I just love Bigby’s Rodeo Chops!  I can’t get enough of it.  This is my second favorite porkchop next to Roma Mia’s Godfather Chops.

There’s nothing really different or special about it but for me it just embodies how a porkchop should be, i.e. big in size, grilled without barbeque sauce, paired with a gravy, eat not only one but two of them!

Bigby's Restaurant in Cebu Philippines

Belly Sizzlers (Php 189) - barbequed strips of pork belly served on a sizzling platter served with buttered vegetables and rice on the side

Bigby’s Belly Sizzlers was not bad as well.  It’s soft, and it has that classic barbeque taste.  But I still prefer the Rodeo Chops over this.  And oh, the belly they served us that night just had a bit much fat than I have expected.  So you might wanna consider that when you’re not into eating that.

Bigby's Restaurant in Cebu Philippines
Tapa Bai (Php 189) – spicy beef tenderloin tips served in a sizzling platter with rice

Bigby’s Tapa Bai was spicy hot and was the star of the night!  Yeah it was better tasting than my Rodeo Chops.  If you’re craving for some soft, juicy, spicy beef tapa, then I’d highly recommend this one.

Bigby's Restaurant in Cebu Philippines

Passion Fish (Php 189) - fresh fish fillet of dory tenderly wrapped with special breading fried 'til crisp and golden brown served with a garlic dip and choice of rice or fries

Bigby’s Passion Fish is Jon’s favorite.  It has this classic taste that can never go wrong.  The garlic dip is a perfect complement to the subtle taste of the fish.

Bigby's Restaurant in Cebu Philippines

Pescado Al Fresco (Php 239) - pan-seared cream dory fillet with pesto in a pool of onion jus served with rice on the side

My friends also ordered the Pescado Al Fresco and the Kamikazee Balls.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough space in my belly just to have a taste of those two.  Yes, I was so full that time, and I know when to say no (because it’s not pork lol).

Bigby's Restaurant in Cebu Philippines

Kamikazee Balls

According to them it’s not bad, but it’s not amazing either.  Although I don’t have a personal review of it, don’t you just love the presention?  Let’s applaud Bigby’s for that!

Photos by Jeffroger Kho



  1. I love the Pescado Al Fresco! The pesto-like garnishings on the lightly-crusted fish take the whole dish to a whole ‘nother level of delight. It has been my selection for the past two times I dined at Bigby’s in a span of three months.

  2. the rodeo chops looks delicious-not too meaty with some fats around the edge-yummy!

  3. the place is nice. but the waiters are too noisy. hahaha

  4. @berg: hala so if we dine at Bigby’s again we don’t need to see the menu na diay? automatic na nga Fedge = Rodeo Chops, Jon = Passion Fish, Berg = Pescado Al Fresco! hehe

    @foodbin: yeah we need a little fat around =)

    @leylander: hahaha… it’s nice to celebrate birthdays there, naay free cake-lette hehe… so I guess TGI Friday’s is not to your liking as well? =)

  5. the free cake is what i look forward to. u can tell the waiters its ur bday even if it isnt.

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