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jca gourmet pizzas

JCA Gourmet Pizza in Lahug

Way before the other pizza parlors opened here in Cebu, JCA Mr. Pizzaman was already serving pizzas in Lahug. For someone like me who practically grew up in the area, my pizzas came from JCA or Mom’s Pizza (remember the one sold in schools with raisins? hehe). Unlike Fedge, I like my pizzas to have a thin crust and not to be visibly greasy!

JCA Magic Cottage (Php 162) – ground beef, luncheon meat, hotdog, salami, Chinese sausage (chorizo), mushrooms, onions, bell pepper, and cottage cheese

jca gourmet pizzas

I am not a big pizza fan like Fedge, so I rarely crave for pizza. But if I do, I usually go to Calda’s if I don’t have a lot of money and I have to treat a lot of people. Otherwise, I stay at JCA or Handuraw’s in Lahug (although it’s Handuraw’s mojos that I really really like!). As for JCA, this one (above) is my favorite. Cottage cheese really makes a difference! I love chorizo that’s why I like this very much. With all these different kinds of meat, I bet Fedge will totally love this one.

JCA Mystique (Php 189) – mozzarella cheese, cream cheese, edam cheese, black olives, anchovies, rosemary leaves, and oregano

jca gourmet pizzas

I am not a big anchovies fan. In fact, I don’t like pizza with anchovies, but I ordered this one because of the three different kinds of cheese. This would have been perfect without the anchovies. But if you like anchovies, you’d like this one.

JCA Applie Pie (Php 260)

jca gourmet pizzas

For dessert, JCA’s apple pie is a good treat – not too sweet and the crust is not too flaky, which I like. As for the filling, it’s perfect for me because the apple slices are big and they are crunchy.

jca gourmet pizzas

JCA Super Submarine Sandwich (Php 200) – salami, pepperoni, mayo, bacon, lettuce, ground beef

JCA’s super submarine sandwich is a good choice if you have to treat 3 or 4 of your friends. It is quite hearty for snacks and even light dinner. I would totally recommend this if you’re going to JCA soon.

There’s a reason why JCA Pizza is thriving even with the relentless competition nowadays, especially with Calda nearby. JCA Pizza used to have the largest pizzas in town (JCA Monster), but Calda’s now have that distinction.  Calda’s may have the bigger and cheaper pizzas, but when it comes to taste and venue, I’d give JCA bonus points!

Prices as of February 2009

jca gourmet pizzas

These are my friends who enjoyed JCA’s treats as much as I did.

Visit JCA’s Facebook page and check out its other non-pizza treats. I heard they have pasta as well.
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  1. Mogs, didn’t really like the apple pie. I’m no expert on pie.. but it didn’t leave any impression on me. I would not order it again.

  2. moba Rose? ako ra diay nalingaw ato hehe

  3. na intriga ko sa apple pie dah. pwede raba one slice lang i-order, chelle? taste test lang ba. 😀

  4. @julie: you can order apple pie by the slice. 🙂

  5. Do u have their numbers? Thanks! I’m from Manila and I used to go to JCA pizza when I was a kid.

  6. ako rose, ganahan pud ko sa apple pie. pati pud ang submarine sandwich. naka leave pud ug impression sa akoa ang mystique pizza kay something new man gud iyang taste…or maybe ignorante lang jud ko sa taste sa anchovies…hehehehe…

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