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I almost had a Bruce Banner moment, not with rage, but with envy after hearing my boss talk about the wonderful dining experience he had in Cafe Marco at the Marco Polo Hotel.

Back then I thought, “When will I ever be able to dine at Cafe Marco?” considering the buffet costs around Php 700++.  Fortunately I didn’t have to flash a boob (if I had one to begin with) or perform “happy endings” just to dine at Cafe Marco.  I was part of what Pakalista Shel calls as “feeding of the masses.”

Seriously though, I forced myself to get invited to take pictures of Berg’s cousin’s wedding.  You can see the mess I made here.

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Cafe Marco has very classy and sophisticated interiors.  As for the food, OMFG!  It was definitely a feast.  Kumbira na gyud unta to!  But unfortunately I was with some “sosyal” and very vain metrosexuals so I just had to control the “tambay” in me and be poised and demure for the moment.

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There’s just so many kinds of food at Cafe Marco.  If I were to eat there alone, I’d be staying there for 3 hours or more (or until such time the manager drags me outside).

There’s this one section where there are Japanese food, Chinese food, different kinds of salad, and a lot bread and pasta.  There’s this somewhat sosy European section as well and, of course, there’s the famous Cebu lechon!

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Among the huge selection of food that I’ve tried, worth mentioning are the stuffed pepper, lemon chicken, pork spareribs, beef medallion, and the German sausage.  Sorry guys, I don’t have pictures of them individually because “maulaw ko” and I would have passed out before I finished taking pictures of all of them.

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Believe it or not, I didn’t get a chance to go to the dessert section because I was just so full.  Okay, I lied, my companions were in a hurry to catch a wedding so I was just ashamed to stall them just to wait for me to have a quick sweet fix.  I could easily squeeze just a little, okay a lot, of those sweet treats.

Overall it was a very good dining experience.  I would definitely go back here if I have enough dough to pay for it!  Sponsors anyone?

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  1. vain metrosexuals?!?!?! hahaha amaw!

    ingnan bitaw nga kuha didto sa desserts! madala pa bya to =p

  2. Wow! If I’m ever back in Cebu, I’m going to check this one out! I remember this was Cebu Plaza Hotel before, I stayed there for about 4 days. My room was haunted by ghosts. We left when we couldn’t take it anymore.

  3. @berg: yeah, super vain! lagi next time (nasad?)

    @alisa: yes this was Cebu Plaza Hotel before. yikes creepy =)

  4. Hi, I would just like to ask if the place also has like a piano or instrumentals playing in the background for ambiance purposes. And do you think this would be a good place to go on a date? hehe. Thanks.

  5. my friend mitch had her bday there.. rili good buffet! international jd! u ask them for this kind of pasta, they heat the noodles and mix the sauce ryt b4 ur very eyes.. hehe.. oooh! ang siomai all u want, desserts in shot glasses and ice cream all u want!!! ako ghagad ako mom to go.. so she cud try, and so i cud wallow in all of it one more time.. hangtod krn wa pa madayon! bt id love to go back! nka bangka nlng ug wakamatsu c mitch for her bday last yr, wa pko nblik ug marco polo! hehe pakalista’s, ug mamangka mo, msg me!

  6. cafe marco really is the best buffet in town. The price is just proportional to what they can offer. Of course, one wouldn’t go there if he is a bit short on cash. i love how they serve their pasta. both sauce and pasta are served hot. wont take long for them to give you what you asked for (unlike at parklane. a simple carbonara took them 20 mins). My dad fell in love with the japanese cuisine that adorned the center table, adjacent to the wonderful and impressive array of cheeses (some expensive ones, really really nice). I had a chance to dine at cafe marco for breakfast lunch and dinner. Lunch and dinner, superb. Breakfast was breath taking… Had a really nice time =)they also serve halo halo but not on a daily basis. but nonetheless, the wide array of desserts, cakes, bread and even ice cream with condiments to your satisfaction is already heavenly. =) by now i think cafe marco is priced at 899 plus. lunch and dinners have a slight price difference.

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