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          I was with my friends Fedge and Marlon one lazy Sunday last November in Olango Island… you know, the one with the much ballyhooed bird sanctuary. I had a very unforgettable experience man gud back in college when my class went there for a field trip… it was surreal but nice lol… that’s why I wanted to go back. Unfortunately for us, when we went there last November, there were not that many birds in sight. There were more fingers in both my hands than there were birds. A disappointment, I know. But that didn’t stop us from shooting away… with our cams, of course.

There was an eerie vibe at the sanctuary when not many people were there… it was kinda nice and kinda not. I don’t know, I’m confused haha. There were so many things I wanted to do there unta, kayaking through the mangroves for one. Not one single thing I planned in my head happened hehe, except for the trip itself. But the trip didn’t go to waste though, I bonded with my friends… no complaints hihi.

2pm it was when we were deciding whether to have (late) lunch first or look for a beach. We had rented a taya-on tricycle for the day and unfortunately he didn’t understand what “beach” meant… he took us to a resort. It didn’t have a beach but it had the sea (is it a sea or a channel? or are those two the same thing? beats me!) in front of it which turned out to be the 14-hectare Talima fish sanctuary. And ooh they had a restaurant. Perfect coz we were famished! Entrance to the resort cost us P300.00 per person but the entire amount was consumable with food and drinks so it was not a big deal at all.

The place was called Talima Beach Villas and Dive Resort. Beach? Seriously?

We had late lunch at their restaurant, unknowingly sitting right across a table where the resort’s owner was seated enjoying a glass of Martini (hehe i don’t really know what it was, basta it was in a fancy glass) looking in the direction of the sunkissed Mactan waters. She was really warm and friendly (politician kuno to siya says Fedge… must be why haha) to us, chatting us up while we ordered our food and waited as the kitchen staff prepared them for us. They served us what looked and tasted like “Chippy” while waiting. Mao to ang appetizers? hihi!

The service there was excellent! But I can’t really say if it’s usually that way because it could have been just because the resort’s boss was right there in front of them lol. And I loved the food that we ordered, too. Jeff had beef, and I had chicken… both dishes drenched in the same peppery sauce of gravy-like texture. Marlon had pork chops. and I also had green salad that was divine. Then again, when you’re really hungry after a much delayed supposed lunch munch, any food that is served hot with an effort on presentation must seem really heavenly. For that day though, it was good… very good. It made a positive impression. I wouldn’t have bored you with such a long blog only to get to the review part that’s as short as Mariah Carey’s skirts if it didn’t make a good imprint in my mind.

As for the resort itself, it claims to be the first and only resort thus far on the island… I checked and it is indeed true. Not much shebang there but it certainly was nice enough for something as secluded as it was. We spent the rest of the day in their pool which had a nice jacuzzi area at its back end. We tried out their “beach” too, but we didn’t stay there for long coz there were too many things going on down its floor that caused our imaginations to run amock… sea urchins? sea snakes? shokoys? dyesebel? darna? lol. We had a nice view of the sunset though. And oooh, they offered us complimentary drinks after we soaked ourselves in the waters. What were those drinks, Fedge? You’re the alcoholic… identify them please lol.

Overall, would I recommend the place? Yes. Would I go back there again? Probably. Was I jumping up and down my chair? Nope. But I sure did have a pleasant experience. It was a weird and unusual but unforgettable day. Olango Island, I’ll be back soon and this time I’ll be looking for THE beach and going kayaking!

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  1. How was the beach? Is it clean there? 🙂

  2. Hi gilbs! you sure did have some fun in Olango… too bad haven’t been there yet. Thanks to your sumptuous food pictures I somehow got a peek of how great the place is. I hope I can go there too… How much man ang budget gilbs? hehehe! TC! 😛

  3. I follow your posts for a long time and should tell that your articles always prove to be of a high value and quality for readers.

  4. I have numerous problems with my web browser Bobby on your website. The chimpanzees are in the page :-(.

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