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Da Vinci's Pizza Restaurant in Cebu Philippines

It was a Sunday night and a spur of the moment thing when my family decided that we go out for a pizza.  The only pizza places I know close to our residence are MB’s Tavern, JCA Gourmet Pizza, and Da Vinci’s Pizza.

I was not “feeling it” to go to the first two pizza restaurants mentioned and I was kinda craving for some Da Vinci’s Pizza because it has been a while since I had one.  The much raved about Shawarma Pizza at Da Vinci’s was also worth investigating.

Da Vinci’s Pizza: Very VegetarianPhp 198.00

Fresh tomatoes, white onion, mushroom, green pepper, black olives, and mozarella cheese

Da Vinci's Pizza Restaurant in Cebu Philippines - Very Vegetarian

I think you all should have an idea now how I would feel about Da Vinci’s Very Vegetarian Pizza.  Well from the word vegetarian alone I knew that I won’t be raving like mad about it.

True enough I was very bored with this pizza.  Sorry guys, but a vegetarian pizza is really not my type.  I just ate one slice for review purposes.  Maybe Pakalista Jon would have enjoyed this.

Da Vinci’s Pizza: Spicy ShawarmaPhp 238.00

A perfect blend of specialty white sauce, chili, beef, cabbage, fresh tomatoes, onions, green pepper, and mozzarella cheese topped with Da Vinci’s very own spicy shawarma sauce

Da Vinci's Pizza Restaurant in Cebu Philippines - Spicy Shawarma

Now this one really made my day!  Da Vinci’s Spicy Shawarma Pizza was everybody’s favorite.  It got consumed first before the Very Vegetarian Pizza.

What I liked about the Spicy Shawarma Pizza is that it has beef, some vegetables, lots of spices, and of course the spicy shawarma sauce all over!  Yum yum yum!  This comes highly recommended!

Da Vinci’s Pizza: Buffed Up!Php 198.00

Lots and lots of italian sausages, beef, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, black olives, and mozzarella cheese

Da Vinci's Pizza Restaurant in Cebu Philippines - Buffed Up!

Da Vinci’s Buffed Up! Pizza received an OK mark from everybody.  I mean it was GREAT but when you just had a Spicy Shawarma Pizza, Da Vinci’s Buffed Up! Pizza just tasted ordinary.

Their claim of “lots and lots of Italian sausage, etc…” fell short on my expectation because it was ENOUGH but not “A LOT.”  If I have not eaten their Spicy Shawarma Pizza, this would have received a better review.

Pakalista Verdict

Da Vinci’s Pizza is one of the best pizza restaurants here in Cebu.  Their Spicy Shawarma, Buffed Up!, Da Vinci’s Masterpiece, and Mushroom Madness (last two from previous review), are enough proof to show that they can create delicious classic and specialty premium pizzas.

Photo credits: Fedge

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da vinci's menu copy

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  1. i’m glad u made a review on Da Vinci’s Pizza since it’s one of my faved pizza parlors. I have yet to taste the Spicy Shawarma though.. thanks for your review. XD

  2. I agree, that shwarma is the best!

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