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Dagupeña’s Teriyaki Boneless Milkfish Belly

Product placement is everywhere, even in movies, so why not here? Well, for one, somebody has to be willing to place their products in our site hehe. Gena was certainly brave generous enough, and that is why I am featuring Dagupeña Bangus – just in time for the Holy Week. This is also for the health-conscious people.

A lot of our readers (murag 2 or 3) probably wondered if we introduce ourselves as food bloggers whenever we eat out. We don’t. For one, I think it is better that we pay for our food so we won’t feel obliged to be nice with our review. And secondly, I don’t think Cebu restaurant owners care about what food bloggers like us would say. I am prepared to be proven wrong though.

Going back to my review today… I must admit two things – I AM A BIG MILKFISH FAN, and this is the first time that somebody invited the Pakalistas to review their products. Notwithstanding the fact that Gena is a friend of Julie and Eyean, it is still mighty generous of her to include me in her list of guests. Be prepared for some bangus lovin’ in this post.

Dagupeña’s Pesto Boneless Milkfish Belly

Bangus is one of my favorites. I was really surprised and happy to learn that there are flavored milkfish products available. Klaro kaayo ko na di tag grocery sa?

Dagupeña sells bangus steak, daing na bangus, spicy daing, pesto bangus belly, teriyaki bangus belly, inasal na bangus, honey mustard bangus belly, Thai green chili bangus belly, bangus tocino, and bangus chorizo. Fresh bangus (unflavored) is also available. Dagupeña is proud of having milkfish products with no MSG or other preservatives. Gena says the products have a long shelf (ref) life because they are vacuum-packed.

Dagupeña’s Bangus Inasal

I’ve tried teriyaki, pesto, inasal, tocino, and the spicy daing, and they are all delicious to me. The Tocino Bangus Belly and Spicy Daing are my personal favorites. As in, channeling Dory (of Finding Nemo) gyud ko about my diet. Eyean loves the Pesto Bangus Belly, and Julie likes the Spicy Daing as well. Dagupeña also has Bangus Chorizo, which I didn’t get to taste because it was out of stock. It’s something I am very interested to buy soon.

What is it with free food that makes it tastier?

Prices as of March 2009

Dagupeña’s Boneless Bangus products are also available at Fooda Mango, Guadalupe, and Consolacion.

Photo Credits: Eyean

Milkfish on Foodista



  1. had spicy daing, rice, and balsamic vinegar as sawsawan for my lunch yesterday, chelle… lami-a oi. nagkinamot jud ko! hehehe

  2. i love bangus! for someone who hates fish (and some other seafood), bangus is really one of those rare exceptions for me. dili ni pwede ipa-fedex? hehe. if naa ni diri sa US kay im sure na i’ll have more fish on my diet. the tocino, inasal and the thai chili sounds good.

  3. @Julie – lagi juls, as in spicy daing forever na gyud ko ani, ga-crave gyud ko, hopefully naa ta discount ni Gena *hint*hint* if magsige palit sa?

    @Ay – hala mam murag di gyud pwede cguro mapadala na dha Wichita. Promise, inig uli nimu palitan jud tika. Lami gyud ai! Mura na pud ta anig college days, ma-excited every Friday mokaon sa BBQ station the following day hehe.

  4. Whoa!!!! Those bangus looks sure inviting…btw, can you please tell me if these products are available in iloilo City? thanks

  5. @Dor – Hi, I’m not really sure if they are available there in Iloilo City. You can call the store at 253-5970.

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