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Filipino Restaurant in Cebu - Sugbo Silog

Looking for a breakfast place in downtown Colon was difficult.

Pakalista Jon and I were done taking some photographs at the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño for the Sinulog and were looking for a non-fastfood (no offense Jollibee and McDonalds) and non-carenderia (not safe for our cams) type of place where we can eat breakfast and have some of those sunny-side up fried egg.

Mango Avenue would have been the location to look for such kind of Cebu restaurant but I didn’t want to go there because I didn’t want to get myself stuck in traffic when going to work afterwards.

We went to CDU in Mandaue reclamation area instead to have Filipino food at Sugbo Silog.

Sugbo Silog: Tapsilog – Php 45.00

Filipino Restaurant in Cebu - Sugbo Silog: Beef Tapa

I was expecting the soft “real” (as what I call it) beef and not beef jerky (the sun-dried tapa) that you’d usually buy in the supermarket.

To be fair with, Sugbo Silog’s Tapsilog was just OK because it was cooked just “crunchy” right.  Although my sunny-side up egg was not perfectly formed (I so miss La Carmela Boracay’s egg!), it was still all right for me because I was so hungry and couldn’t wait to chow it away.

Sugbo Silog: Fish Fillet – Php 60.00

Filipino Restaurant in Cebu - Sugbo Silog: Fish Fillet

Sugbo Silog’s Fish Fillet did not taste bad as well.  I appreciate their effort in the presentation of the crumbed fish with the mayonnaise-ketchup dressing.

Sugbo Silog: Sardinesilog – Php 45.00

Filipino Restaurant in Cebu - Sugbo Silog: Sardines

Sugbo Silog’s Sardinesilog wasn’t bad either.  I find it quite indulging and interesting enough to almost ask what canned sardines it was.  I’m not jumping up and down about this sardines but the fact that this is fish and that it got me interested already says something.

Pakalista Verdict

Overall it was a good experience in Sugbo Silog.  The food prices are relatively cheap ranging only from Php 45 – Php 60.  My slight complain is that I find the drinks a bit expensive (from Php 18 – 30) for a tapsilog place.  I think a 3-peso to 5-peso off the price would have been better 🙂  Tihik kaayo ko sah?

Sugbo Silog not only serves breakfast silog meals but also Filipino food favorites such as burger steak, chicken adobo, pancit canton, and other house specialties like chicken wings and spicy sisig.

Sugbo Silog is open 24 Hours and has branches in Capitol (main), Mango, Chong Hua, and Mabolo.

Sugbo Silog

Main Branch
Address: – Ma. Cristina St., Capitol Site, Cebu City (back of baseline)
Telephone:  +63-32-4126503 

Mango Branch
Address: LAS Bldg., Mango Avenue, Cebu City (infront of Mango Square Mall)
Telephone:  +63-32-4126572 

Chong Hua Branch
Address: – Right Wing Parking Lot (in front of Grand Royal Spa)
Telephone:  +63-32-4128295 

Photo credits: Fedge

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