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“Chillax” at Bo’s with Family and Friends

The Kind of Sin that Won’t Send You to Hell

Go for the Whole Wheat Coffee Crunch If You Want Something “Healthy”

Primo White Choco Mocha – Grande (Php 135) , Premium Iced Chocolate – Grande (Php 115), Steamed Milk – Tall (Php 70), Hot Cafe Mocha – Tall (Php 100) , Premium Hot Chocolate – Short (Php 90), Chocolate Sin (Php 125), Whole Wheat Coffee Crunch (Php 35), Double Chocolate Cookie (Php 35) — Prices as of Dec. 2008

Photos by Carmel P. , Collage by Shel

Individual Flourless Chocolate Cakes on Foodista

First time here in

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  1. I don’t like there cookies.. too dry and its a bit hard.

  2. bo’s chocolate muffin is hearty. this should be featured

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