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Filipino Restaurant in Cebu - Tsiboom by Jeffroger Kho 'Fedge' Photography

Parkmall in Mandaue Reclamation Area (beside Cebu International Convention Center) has been open for quite sometime now but I haven’t tried any of the new Cebu restaurants there.

I was with my mom that day and we were talking about dining in Manila Foodshoppe because we’ve heard so much about how big their servings are and how affordable their food was.  Unfortunately Manila Foodshoppe was full that night so we had to find another Filipino restaurant.

TsiBoom Native Restaurant on the other side of Parkmall was my next choice because it had a very inviting green color and the interiors were somewhat classy as well.  Here’s our experience at this Filipino restaurant in Parkmall Cebu.

Filipino Food at Tsiboom: Dinuguan Php 72.00

Filipino Restaurant in Cebu Philippines - Tsiboom: Dinuguan by Jeffroger Kho 'Fedge' Photography

TsiBoom Native Restaurant’s Dinuguan was nice because it was not full of internal organs that you abhor to even smell.  The dinuguan was rich and thick which definitely says something about how perfectly timed or perfect the cooking was.

It was also nice of the waiter to tell me to eat the dinuguan while it is still hot after seeing me take a lot of pictures because the dinuguan wouldn’t be as delish when it’s already cold.

Filipino Food at Tsiboom: Pancit Guisado Php 98.00

Filipino Restaurant in Cebu - Tsiboom: Pancit Canton by Jeffroger Kho 'Fedge' Photography

I like TsiBoom’s Pancit Guisado because it is not too dry and not to saucy also.  The pancit was not overcooked because it was soft enough, then kinda stiff but not stir-fried pancit kinda stiff.

The pancit guisado was perfectly flavored, not too salty, and it had all the “subak” I am looking for in a pancit.

Filipino Food at Tsiboom: Lechon Kawali Php 118.00

Filipino Restaurant in Cebu Philippines - Tsiboom: Lechon Kawali by Jeffroger Kho 'Fedge' Photography

TsiBoom’s Lechon Kawali was a bit of a disappointment.

If a restaurant is gonna be serving either Lechon Kawali or Crispy Pata, please please please make sure that the “panit” should be crispy and not soggy.  I say this not only to TsiBoom Native Restaurant but to all Cebu restaurants out there because that is the reason why we dine out and not cook for ourselves in order to enjoy perfectly cooked food.

That was rough I know but it is just fair to say that.  With this disappointing Lechon Kawali, TsiBoom’s waiter got a quick lecture from my mom on how to make the Lechon Kawali!  And yes momma has mastered the art of making lechon kawali and thus the reason why I need those Fitrum or Xenical tablets fast LoL.

Filipino Restaurant in Cebu Philippines- Tsiboom

Filipino Restaurant in Cebu Philippines - Tsiboom

Pakalista Verdict

I had a wonderful but not perfect Filipino dining experience in TsiBoom Native Restaurant at Parkmall.  I feel like a royalty there because the customer service was superb.  It was either I have a big sign on my forehead that screams “ Food Critic” or their crew were just properly trained by the Chinese owner.

In any Filipino restaurant that I go to, I could not help but compare it to Golden Cowrie or Pino Filipino Restaurant because those two Filipino Restaurants in Cebu are on top of my list.

Price-wise, TsiBoom Native Restaurant is positioned at a similar price range as Golden Cowrie but when it comes to food quality, Golden Cowrie still has the upper hand.  But I must say that this is still inconclusive because I have only tried three dishes so far.

So TsiBoom, you all should be ready for my next visit and wow me just like my experience in Laguna Garden Cafe.  Well, that is if they recognize my face or read our blog!

Photo credits: Jeffroger Kho

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  1. manila foodshoppe!!! manila foodshoppe!!! manila foodshoppe!!! manila foodshoppe… lagi next time.

  2. @jan: wow grabe naman excited sa manila foodshoppe hehehe… yup naka eat naku sa manila foodshoppe sa parkmall… visit lng nya balik for the review 🙂 or better yet subscribe by email hehehe

  3. lami lagi tanawon, especially yung pancit, I should have called you up back in December when I was in town.. IM me your number so I can give you a call next time..

  4. @Niño: hi thanks for finally visiting hehehe… you should have! food trip unta ta 🙂

  5. sunod nalang fedge, naa na sab ko sa pinas in April pero for a few days lang.. naa koy extended vacation later in the year, so doon nalang pag naa na koy extended vacation… ngaon ta..

    Last time ko diha, I binged on Ngoghiong.. hahaha

  6. you ought to give it another try. I just looooove their crispy pata. 🙂 the crispy tasty skin won’t disappoint you for sure.

  7. I love their food. fyi, they used to be the business partner of Tsibogs.

  8. @freeze: yah, im still giving them another shot with the lechon kawali. will try the crispy pata next time as well

    @maya: oh I see Tsibogs pala, so they really have experience in the food business.

    thanks for the visit guys! balik-balik nya 🙂

  9. My family and I love eating at Tsiboom. I would agree with you about the lechon kawali — not exactly their best dish. Most (if not all) of their other offerings are lami! Our favorites are the pancit guisado and the sweet and sour fish. Their calamares and kinilaw na isda are also delicious.

  10. i love the adobong pusit with ata and their mongo with seafoods, binabalik balikan q tlaga i appreciate so much their services especially their waiters… friendly and chubby cute smiles.

  11. i think what they have in their menu is similar to what bosoog ( hope I got that right) serve. =) will try this one for sure

  12. talking about manila foodshop, i would personally recommend their buttered chicken, but please, please stay away from their steamed rice. seriously it was like the worse steamed rice i ever tasted. it was like steamed rice with egg rather than steamed rice with pork…

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