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Tara's Cafe Cebu Philippines Restaurants

I can still remember the first time I’ve known about Tara’s Cafe

We were on our way to Dong Juan when we passed by Tara’s Cafe and were so intrigued by its classy interiors, the lighting, and by the number of people dining there even when it’s already late.

This Cebu restaurant just had to be visited by the Pakalistas and here’s our Tara’s Cafe experience…

Tara’s Cafe: Quesadillas – Php 90.00

Philippines Cebu Restaurant Filipino - Tara's Cafe Quessadillas

We started the dinner with the very appetizing quesadillas.  It may look burnt but actually it’s just all right.  I believe Tara’s Cafe’s quesadillas is the best so far IMO compared to Mooon Cafe, El Pollo Loco, or Jose Marias.

The quesadillas were cheesy on the right places, and the dip was definitely different from the usual salsa dip that you would get.  This comes highly recommended!

Tara’s Cafe: Mambo no. 5 – Php 130.00

Philippines Cebu Restaurant Filipino - Tara's Cafe Mambo 5

Tara’s own concoction using five different kinds of fruit was intriguing as well, and we just had to order it.  This reminded me of the Citrus and Herb Lemonade of Lemon Grass.

Tara’s Mambo no. 5 is a refreshing drink that complements well I think with whatever food you will be having.  But I just can’t help but say that I still prefer Lemon Grass’ Citrus and Herb Lemonade.  You can try it for yourself though and taste which one you like better.

Tara’s Cafe: Lemon Grass Squid

Philippines Cebu Restaurant Filipino - Tara's Cafe Squid

I’m a huge squid lover!  It’s on the top of my list when it comes to seafood. (Fish is not food seafood to me)

Tara’s Lemon Grass Squid is just all right.  It was cooked just the way I want it to be.  The unfortunate part only is that it somehow lacked the wow factor to it.

Tara’s Cafe: Grilled Pork Steak – Php 145

Philippines Cebu Restaurant Filipino - Tara's Cafe Pork Steak

Tara’s Cafe: Boneless Chicken Sizzler – Php 160.00

Philippines Cebu Restaurant Filipino - Tara's Cafe Chicken

I’ll review the Pork Steak and Chicken Sizzlers together because, if I’m not mistaken, both had the same gravy.

I remember Berg saying “The chicken is so soft” right after he chowed down the chicken.  And tender it was indeed!  The rich gravy most definitely provided flavor to the chicken and the pork steak.

Tara’s Cafe: Baby Back Ribs – Php 175.00

Cebu Restaurant - Tara's Cafe Baby Back Ribs

I was so amazed by the size of this Baby Back Ribs!  I mean for a hungry and gluttonous Pakalista like me this is definitely a lite snack feast!

Tara’s Baby Back Ribs is different from the usual baby back ribs because it had a “hamonada” marinade.  Usually others would have it simply charcoal-grilled then add some special sauce on it but not Tara’s Cafe. If you like hamonada then I’m sure you’ll like Tara’s version of the baby back ribs as well.

Pakalista Verdict

I like Tara’s Cafe for the following reasons:

  • a well thought of concept restaurant and coffee shop
  • a restaurant with a wide array of food choices
  • a coffee shop with WiFi access
  • a book shop
  • it has a kids’ corner – perfect for families
  • bands play at night (not sure though if every night)
  • caters to a lot of people from different backgrounds and different generations
  • very affordable

So what are you waiting for!  Get yourselves over to Tara’s Cafe & Restaurant!  Be sure to check out their restroom and know about the story of Tara’s Cafe.  It is quite a good read!

Announcement from Tara

Tara’s Cafe & Restaurant will be opening another branch by the end of February at Skyrise 3, IT Park, Lahug.

Photo credits: Fedge

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  1. where is this tara’s cafe located in cebu?hmmm..wanna try there..

  2. @Jumary: It’s located at C.G. Briones, Andres Abellana, Guadalupe, Cebu City. You can also call them up at 253-8217 or 253-8334.

  3. can you post the price list here?

  4. @Alex: The picture of the menu we have is not of good quality that’s why we didn’t post it here. You can have a look at it in our Flickr photostream. Here’s the link: Tara’s Cafe Menu & Price List

  5. wow, kalami sa mga foods-menu nila.
    na miss na namo-ko ning mga foods,

    wish to have a dinner there,
    someday, if we can go home again.

    Gods will

    thanks for sharing……….

    send our regards to the owner,
    we met them here in Germany, last year,
    during their tour here in Europe and
    visited us-Maranatha church here in Germany-Ludwigshafen,
    with tara their daughter.


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