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Philippines Food & Restaurant - Arano Spanish Restaurant in Cebu

I enjoy going to restaurants that are not in malls. Sure there are lots of great eats in mall-based Cebu restaurants, but going to restaurants like Arano in Guadalupe is something special to me. I like restaurants that are not crowded or too noisy so I can enjoy my food and no one will compete with my chatter. This Cebu restaurant is in a residential area, and it is difficult to find if you’re not familiar with the streets of Guadalupe. Arano’s food is well worth the travel. The food is delicious and very reasonably priced. There are limited tables inside the restaurant so my friends and I chose the ones outdoors. By outdoors I mean the place behind the restaurant with foliage but with a roof.

Philippines Food & Restaurant - Arano Spanish Restaurant in Cebu

We started our meal with Gambas al Ajillo, which was served with bread, and Tortilla de Patata. I’ve always loved shrimp, and the sauce (oily as it looks) made the shrimps even more appetizing to me.

The Tortilla de Patata was a surprise. I thought it was like those Mexican tortillas, but the Spanish tortilla did taste good as well. It is essentially an omelet with potato bits in it; quite hearty indeed.

Philippines Food & Restaurant - Arano Spanish Restaurant in Cebu

Spanish chorizo is also one of my favorites so when I saw it in Arano’s menu, I ordered it even without asking what aluvias is. It turns out to be beans, which I also like. Aluvias with Spanish chorizo is one good find in this Cebu restaurant.

The Callos is a popular Spanish food. I am not fond of eating tripe, but ate I did for blogging purposes. Callos was indeed tasty as served in Arano, but it wouldn’t be something I would order again.

Philippines Food & Restaurant - Arano Spanish Restaurant in Cebu

If you’re craving for authentic Spanish food, you can’t get anymore authentic than eating a paella. You can order for 2 (Php 200), for 4 (Php 400), for 8 (Php 500), for 10 (Php 600), for 12 (Php 700), for 18 (Php 850), and 24 (Php 1,200). You can also order a Paella Negra (Php 500 good for 5). [Prices as of December 2008]

We ordered paella that is good for 5 people even though there were 7 of us. We didn’t expect to get a big wok-full of very delicious paella. It took longer to prepare than the other viands (understandably). By the time it was served, we were nearly full after eating the tortilla and the gambas. But it was still a welcome treat. Highly recommended!

Philippines Food & Restaurant - Arano Spanish Restaurant in Cebu

Prices as of December 2008

Philippines Food & Restaurant - Arano Spanish Restaurant in Cebu

Pakalista Verdict

I would recommend Arano for groups and families who want to have a great meal away from crowded malls. The food is delicious and reasonably priced, and you get to talk to a Spaniard who is fluent in Cebuano but with a unique accent. I would go back to Arano anytime!

Credits: Photos by Carmel P., Collage by Shel

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  1. Arano is a good start. Not the best but decent within it’s price point.

    And the owner(ergo by extension the restaurant) is not spanish but basque (take note of the prominent position of the euskadi flag in the main room). I wish the place would serve pintxos instead of spanish dishes. That would be awesome.

  2. Sorry about the basque bit but my basque friend would kick my ass if I didn’t mention the “basqueness” of the owner. Arano’s spanish food is decent though. Best enjoyed with family and friends. Parking stinks however.

  3. Hi Tugashaligi, no worries. I was under the impression that being Basque means you’re still a Spaniard, but I could be wrong though. Depends on where that person lives I suppose; he could be in the French side already. Anyways, I am interested what pintxos are, are they available here in Cebu?

    Thanks also for leaving comments all over the place LOL. We know that a lot of people visit our blog, whether purposely or accidentally is not something we’d like to dwell on. But at least we know there are people who appreciate our efforts. This blog is like our baby, labor of love lang gyud intawn ni. 🙂

  4. Pintxos are the basque equivalent of spanish tapas. I haven’t tried them myself that’s why I want Arano to serve them so I don’t have to go to San Sebastian.

  5. Mogs! when man ni sya? wala lagi ko kakuyog ani no.

  6. @Rose – hala mam pag December mi ana hehe, late December na. I can’t remember why wala ka kakuyog. Basin naa ka sa Republic of Argao ana?

  7. shel, mas lami ang ila lengua kaysa callos… as in 🙂

  8. @Julie – Hola Juls! I’ll take your word for it nalang gyud, murag pang Fear Factor level ang lengua for me hehe. Wa man gyud gani kaayo ko malingaw sa callos hehe.

  9. where s it? guadalupe..where in guadalupe gyud?

  10. naa kai number ani/=)

  11. @mai and faith: thanks for visiting our blog, please find below address and contact number of arano.

    31 Fairlane Village, Guadalupe Cebu City

  12. great food + accommodating staff + peaceful place=GREAT EXPERIENCE..

    • francis gerard
    • Posted September 17, 2009 at 12:05 am
    • Permalink
    • Reply

    awesome awesome! relax ra kaayo ang kaon. accomodating ang crew unya delicious pa ang food. BIG UPs to Arano.

  13. open ni sila for lunch?

  14. does this restaurant still exist today? i’d like to go there..

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