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Philippines Cebu Restaurants in SM Cebu The Old Spaghetti House

Pakalistas Berg, Love, and I were doing some unusual shopping one Saturday night at SM Cebu.  After that exhausting activity, it was time for dinner.

We found this new restaurant in SM Cebu, The Old Spaghetti House, and were intrigued by the antique furniture pieces and the dimly lit and classy interiors.  It’s as if there are “Treasures Waiting to be Discovered” in The Old Spaghetti House.

We had doubts if we wanna eat there because when Berg suggested that we go to Cyma Greek Restaurant at Ayala Cebu, Love and I immediately agreed but then changed our minds and decided to postpone Cyma Estiatorio for some special occasion and settled for The Old Spaghetti House at SM Cebu.

After checking the menu for something that might satisfy our appetite for the night and of course the prices, we entered The Old Spaghetti House and were given a seat close to the restaurant entrance.  I was a bit disappointed there because I would have wanted to go inside to see the interiors but nevertheless I’ll just see it from afar.

Here are the culinary treasures that we discovered at The Old Spaghetti House.

Pepper Crusted Fish with Spaghetti in Sun-dried Tomato Pesto – Php 170.00

Cebu Restaurants The Old Spaghetti House

Berg loves the Spaghetti in Tomato Pesto, however, the Pepper Crusted Fish is yet to be decided.

Placing the actual Pepper Crusted Fish against the picture on the menu, there is clear difference in color and presumably an absence or lack thereof of the pepper.

Berg calls the situation as having a “pepper drought” and it was pretty obvious visually and tastefully (is there such a word?).  The fish was a bit bland but when together with the sour cream and onion dip, it was a good combination.

Golden Crusted Chicken, Ham & Cheese Crepe w/ Angel Hair Pomodoro – Php 160.00

Cebu Restaurants The Old Spaghetti House

I really dig my selection for the night.  The appearance of the Golden Crusted Chicken-Ham-Cheese Crepe would tell you that you are in for a real treat.

The Pasta Pomodoro was superbly good because it suited my personal preference for a pasta which is mildly sour because of the tomatoes, typical of Italian cuisine.

The crepe was oh so yummy as well.  It was well stuffed with ham, chicken, and cheese!  The combination of those and the perfectly fried crust was something to come back to. The gravy that came along with it greatly enhanced and intensified the rich flavor of this exciting creation.  This comes highly recommended!

Pesto Crusted Roast Chicken with Honey Butter Sauce – Php 165.00

Cebu Restaurants The Old Spaghetti House

Love doesn’t dig the Pesto Crusted Roast Chicken and the idea of pesto in general.  It was just too bland for her.

Gilbs and I disagree with Love, and we definitely adored this Pesto Crusted Roast Chicken.  The chicken was so soft although agreeably it was bland, but with the honey-butter sauce it was a delightful experience.

Although I must admit that I did not entirely like this pesto together with chicken, but I’m sure it is better with pork just like what I had in Talima Beach Olanggo.   I am just not a big chicken fan.

Pakalista Verdict

I love The Old Spaghetti House from their concept, their interior design, the wide array of food they serve, and their somewhat funny concept of helping the rice crisis by substituting rice with pasta!

Being true to its mission, I believe that The Old Spaghetti House serves exceptional food and affordable prices.  They position themselves as a middle-class pasta-based restaurant so we can enjoy premium pasta with still enough dough for desserts!

So guys, try The Old Spaghetti House in SM Cebu and discover their culinary treasures!  It’s a good place for a Valentine’s date too!

Photo credits: Fedge

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  1. and so i wasn’t invited. hmpf!

    i agree with the fish…boring ra gyud cya but the pasta is yummy. i recommend the Pasta Negra (squid ink), yummy! i would want to try the other dishes, they have plenty of choices to choose from.

  2. Their food is really good. I tried their pesto dishes and they’re really delicious. =)

  3. Hi Gracey, thanks for dropping by our blog. I will go there soon to check out the food pud, para ka-relate ko ninyo. 🙂

  4. hi, can i borrow ur pix? i’ll credit fedge too, if its ok 🙂 im doing a review for this resto too.

    and BTW, we ordered the pepper-crusted fish too. i couldnt taste the pepper! ok lang.

  5. @anna: sure, i can share the pics with you as long as you credit “Fedge” and provide a link bank to =)

    we’d love to know your review of the place and the food as well.

  6. i recommend you guys to try seafood marinara pasta, and there taco pizza, hihi, yum2,

    the pasta, yummy gyd cya, they have different seafood ingredient, theyre service is very good, in a couple of minutes, naa na ang food.

    the pizza, nice cya, while eating it, naa btaw crunches, bcoz of the taco.there pizza’s are kinda for me, overpriced, mahal nga gamai ra keu ang size, but k lng kai lami. its a must try!

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