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pizza restaurant in cebu yellow cab terraces ayala cebu

When you want Great Pizza, Call a Cab.

That is the Yellow Cab Pizza Company’s tag line.  And we believe it.

Whenever we want great pizza, we always have a Yellow Cab Pizza.

My parents were craving for a pizza, and I haven’t had a Yellow Cab Pizza for quite sometime now.  So it was just perfect that we dine in Yellow Cab Pizza Co. at the Terraces Ayala Cebu.

When I went to the counter, I initially had in mind to order the usual Manhattan Lover’s or New York’s Finest Pizza, Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta, and Hot Wings.  But I noticed that they had something new on the menu.

Here’s what we had instead in Yellow Cab Pizza at the Terraces Ayala Cebu:

Yellow Cab Nachos – Php 120

Pizza restaurant in Cebu Yellow Cab - Nachos terraces ayala cebu

You’ll like Yellow Cab’s nachos because they’re thin and fried just right unlike Mooon Cafe’s nachos.

Yellow Cab’s nachos come only with one dip – either the salsa dip or the jalapeño dip.  You need to order extra to have a taste of both.  I like the jalapeño dip better because it’s a spicy hot cheese dip.

Yellow Cab Twice-baked Potato Halves – Php 195

Oven-baked potato halves loaded with cheese and bacon topped with sour cream and chives

Pizza restaurant in Cebu Yellow Cab - Potato Halves terraces ayala cebu

Just by looking at it you know you’re in for a treat.

Yellow Cab’s twice-baked potato halves had everything I wanted on it: bacon and cheese.  They are soft and cheesy.  What more can you ask!  This comes highly recommended.

Yellow Cab New York’s Finest Pizza 14″ – Php 575

Italian sausage, ham, pepperoni, bacon, ground beef, black olives, mushrooms, onions, red and green bell peppers

Pizza restaurant in Cebu Yellow Cab - New York's Finest terraces ayala cebu

I have always liked Yellow Cab’s New York’s Finest Pizza before and still do now.  You’ll like Yellow Cab’s pizza because it’s fully loaded, and you’ll always be so full after eating.

Yellow Cab Pizza Co. so far has the best pan pizzas.

Pakalista Verdict

Yellow Cab Pizza Co. is still one of the best pizza restaurants in Cebu.

I liked that the pizza restaurant has added nachos and baked potatoes in its menu because it gives the loyal customers something new to order, and it will attract new patrons.

This is especially essential now that there a lot of new and more affordable pizza restaurants in Cebu (Alberto’s and Calda among others) capturing the pizza-loving taste buds of the Cebuanos.

But nevertheless when you want great pizza, have a Yellow Cab PizzaAnd some nachos and baked-potatoes too!

Photo credits: Fedge

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  1. Fedge, that twice-baked potato halves look sinful! I’ll try that for sure in the near future.

  2. oooooh, i miss charlie chan’s pasta from yellow cab. i find their food so oily… but lami ang hot wings pod.

    one of the best pizza places in town?! i beg to differ… berg loves pizza yata :p hihihi. pero lami man pod, oily lang jud

  3. Berg, nice to hear from you here sa DC. Naa diay pizza na dili oily? hehe

  4. Mouth watering pizza which is heavy on the stomach. I just can’t get enough of that New York’s Finest. The twice-baked potato looks very delicious. I think I’m dropping by there after work.

  5. @Boy: Thanks for dropping by our blog. Yeah, I loved those potato halves. I hope you enjoyed it too.

  6. Yellow cab is over-rated. New york pizza does not taste like yellow cab at all. In fact orange brutos owns yellow cab. I remember ordering a box of pizza back when they ha they’re first branch in BTC, and i never ordered again. theres something about it.. the smell and the sauce that makes it so unappetizing.

  7. @LS – Hi, thanks for visiting our blog and for leaving comments. Maybe there was something wrong the day you went to Yellow Cab, so you should go back and eat again. Perhaps your opinion will change, give chance ba hehe. Btaw, lahi-lahi man gyud ang taste sa mga taw. Naa lang gyud food na di ta kasabot why other people rave about them. 🙂

  8. So whats the number of yellow cab pizza? I wanna order!

  9. Yellowcab tastes like shit. I don’t have time for a food blog that’s actually marketing. Cebu has great places to eat, you guys should write about them.

  10. Hi Tugashaligi,

    Thank you for SPENDING PRECIOUS TIME to not only read but also comment on our food blog.

    If you’ve spent more time reading other posts I don’t think you’d come to that conclusion. I encourage you to read some of our popular posts (oh I’m marketing again! damn! lol)

    I don’t believe that Yellow Cab Pizza Co. serves sh*tty stuff because it would have closed down its first Cebu branch in BTC and would have never put up another branch in Mango and Terraces Ayala Cebu.

    People have different tastes, and I strongly believe that I have good taste. As my co-Pakalista puts it: “Di ko ka relate niya kay wa pa gyud ko katilaw ug sh*t gyud and no plans of doing so EVER”

    Happy Eating!

  11. It’s a figure of speech. Hyperbole. Jeez.

  12. I dont really like their pizza, but i do enjoy it mostly only when i have tons of the sauce to put all over it
    it’s too dry in my opinion

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