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cebu restaurant filipino food cheaverz

Sunday night…

I’ve been craving for a ngohiong for quite sometime now.  I miss the ngohiong from my high school days;  but the store opens until 2pm only, and it’s in Guadalupe.

Coming from The Terraces Ayala Cebu, I drove myself to this Filipino restaurant in Cebu, Cheaverz Fried & Grill, to order take-out of my favorite Filipino food.

Cheaverz Ngohiong – Php 7.00

After much exploration in the blogosphere, I discovered that I am not the only one obsessed over the oh-so-oily yet oh-so-yummy ngohiong.  I am indeed only human and normal at that.

restaurants in cebu philippines filipino food cheaverz ngohiong

I like Cheaverz’s ngohiong because it’s very crunchy on the outside and has an i-don’t-know-what inside.  I love to eat it fresh and hot from the deep frier and then smother it with that special super spicy and sweat-inducing lorbak sauce!

The ngohiong is one of Cheaverz’s specialty and best seller.

Cheaverz Grilled Pork Belly – Php 69.00

The pork belly is another Cheaverz specialty.

I don’t understand why to me its special but it just is.  The belly is soft and marinated just right.  This goes perfectly with a mix of suka, toyo, and some of that spicy ngohiong sauce!

cebu restaurants filipino food cheaverz pork belly

Cheaverz Pork Barbecue – Php 13.00

Your Filipino grill experience isn’t complete without the pork skewers.

cebu restaurants filipino food cheaverz pork barbeque

I ordered some pork barbecue because I haven’t had some pork skewers for a long time.  Two things I can say though are that Cheaverz’s pork barbecue is not as hard to chew unlike those served in other Filipino restaurants and there isn’t much pork fat on each stick.

Pakalista Verdict

Cheaverz Fried and Grill has constantly improved itself by offering new products to their customers, like the chicken crackers among others, and accepting food deliveries (call: 345-6860).

Cheaverz Fried and Grill is one Filipino restaurant in Cebu I can never forget.  To me, the restaurant has one of the best ngohiong and pork belly in town.

So the next time you are craving for some Filipino food and grill, try this Cebu restaurant – Cheaverz Fried and Grill – and be sure to chow down some ngohiong and pork belly!

Cheaverz Fried and Grill restaurant in Cebu has branches in Labangon, Talamban, and M. Velez.

Photo credits: Fedge

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  1. I too was craving ngohiong the other day but since we were going on a road trip south of Cebu, didn’t find any until we came to a carinderia in Argao. Not really the best ngohiong but enough to fill that craving.

    this is a nice food blog on cebu 🙂

  2. @estan: Thank you for visiting the site and appreciating our food review.

    Glad to know that a lot of us still can’t get enough of that irresistable ngohiong. Have you tried the one in Guadalupe (Domengs, not sure of the spelling)? I missed that ngohiong hehe…

  3. ngohiong is good.. u should try “I AM NGOYONG HOUSE” its somewhere in A.S Fortuna near norkis.. its sort of like doming minus the seats.. its a small place so take-outs are usually the thing there. its great i have to say better than Cheaverz.. check it out..

  4. I love this place! The quality is branch specific though so ask around. For my money the best branch is in the Labangon area. Best pork belly and pochero of the branches I’ve tried so far. Great value for money.

  5. I miss ngohiong so much–it’s been almost a year since I’ve gone “home” to Cebu, that when my parents came over to spend the New Year’s with us, I asked them to bring me (1) ngohiong and (2) lechon! Cebu’s lechon is still the best!

  6. @Karla: Yes the ngohiong, oily & greasy as it is, can be quite addictive! Hehehe… It has been a while also since I had one because Cheaverz in Consolacion is already closed huhuhu…

    My suppliers from Manila are also crazy about Cebu’s lechon. They always bring a box of lechon from CNT on their return.

  7. once you hear ngohiong..then cheaverz fried and grill will provide you the best ngohiong you haven’t yet tasted.Feel the yumminess of pork bbq and pork belly that have some ingredients that you can’t tell the majic into it..E-mail me if i’m wrong but you can’t do that because i assure you the goodness of their food.

  8. i’ll give you the idea where you gonna go if you want a juicy,oily but yummy and excellent tastes of fried and grill foods…CHEAVERZ FRIED AND GRILL is one of the best answer!!!!

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