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Guys, I’ve met my life partner…

Hany is so sweet…


Let us see what’s inside…


Yikes! Ubos na.

Hany Milk Chocolate is manufactured by Annie Candy Manufacturing and distributed by Czar Enterprises.

Officially this is the tackiest and most senseless post (in terms of writing) ever on!  You know you’re in love when you do stupid things…

Photo Credits: Fedge (much to his dismay)



  1. Hala Fedge, na amaze gyud ko kakita ka ug Web site for Hany! Grabe, wala gyud ang taghimo ug Bobot!

  2. Shel, pang export level bya na ang Hany… I have export level taste lolz…

  3. Moba? Naa gyud diay nag import ug Hany somewhere? Can’t blame them though, lami man gyud ang Hany hehe 🙂 Nagkamahal na sad siya sa? Ganahan ko motilaw unta atung ube flavor naa sa ilang Web site, naa na sa groceries? As for you having export level taste … asa kaha na madawat si Yang? hehe

  4. pwede moligid katawa ani nga post?

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