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Ayala Center Cebu launched last week its new expansion “The Terraces”. This resort-ambiance redevelopment boasts of a terraces layout overlooking a landscaped garden. New Cebu restaurants are opening, and this is something not to be missed by the Pakalistas. Berg chose the restaurant so it’s no surprise that we’re going Japanese again, but I’m not complaining. It was a luscious Western-Japanese experience!

Seafood Pepper Rice – Php 245

Well, for obvious reasons this is Jon’s only choice, or was it a toss between seafood pepper rice or a salad? Jon loved it because it’s so soft. Berg was wowed as well on how tender it was. I liked the squid too because I can taste the mild pepper flavor.

Bacon & Egg Hamburg Steak – Php 165

This was Lovener’s choice. Berg and I would have ordered this also because of the egg. This hamburg steak is so so nice! I like it because its so soft and delicious. You can really taste the meat and none of those extenders that typical burger steaks have. This comes with a spicy gravy that goes superbly with the steak.

Beef Pepper Rice – Php 185

Sizzlin’ Pepper Steak’s best seller! The beef is so thinly sliced and very tender. The teriyaki sauce is just so sweet and so delicious! I asked for two refills of it! It is that good. No wonder this is their best seller. This comes highly recommended!

Gyu Saikoro Burger Steak – Php 175

Sizzlin’ Pepper Steak’s recommended must-try! I was really curious of what “saikoro” meant. Oh well, it just means “cubed” and thus explains its presentation. Berg can taste the wine or I wasn’t hearing him right! Berg loves it as well because it’s soft, tender, and it reminds him of a familiar taste that he doesn’t remember. Ironic right? That’s the effect of the Gyu Saikoro Burger Steak!

Kani Salad

For some reason that need not be disclosed, Berg managed to get a pamphlet which entitled us to get a free Kani Salad for a minimum food purchase of 500 pesos. This was quite an interesting salad. It has thinly sliced crab stick, cucumber (probably japanese kyuri), lettuce, mayonnaise, and fish roe. Now that’s what I call Japanese food! A perfect ending! And oh, here’s what we had for drinks.

Watermelon Shake and Bottomless Ice Tea


So what are you waiting for! Head on to The Terraces at the Ayala Cebu and check out this new Cebu restaurant Sizzlin’ Pepper Steak!

Photo credits: Fedge

Guests: Lovener and Jon

Meal tab: Click image

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  1. great job on the review jeff! i love how concise the review is. And the pictures..oh so mouth-watering!

    Sizzlin Pepper Steak is highly recommended…lami gyud ang food!

    (no mention of the prices again? hehehe)

  2. @jon: Thanks! I worked hard on the pictures to make it super fierce! Regarding food prices, there’s a small picture of the receipt. Its small but click on it for a bigger picture.

  3. aw, i tot unsa na nga pic! hehehe. wa gyud koy basa2x noh. didnt notice nga imo diay to gipicture-an…hehehehe

    bitaw nice gyud ang pix jeff

  4. wow chirate, imo na sad kong gpa.laway.. good luck nalang sa akong diet! hahaha:)

  5. @jon: thanks! sunod food trip nasad ha

  6. @haidee: haha… i think you’ll now be spending more time at The Terraces rather than in Fitness First! dining trumps exercising =)

  7. Nice review. My wife and I will definitely be eating there come Valentine’s Day!

    Tried looking for some contact numbers for this resto if i could possible book a seat for two ahead of the event. No such luck.

    Help anyone?

  8. @Joshi- Hi, thanks for visiting our blog. I’m afraid we don’t have Sizzling Pepper Steak’s contact numbers just yet. This restaurant doesn’t accept reservations during weekends. I went there one hour ahead to book a table for my friends on a Saturday weeks ago, as in naa na gyud ko didto sa sulod sa resto ha but they won’t allow reservations gyud. So mao to sa Siam nalang mi nangaon. I suggest you go there early to get a table. The restaurant is quite small man gud mao cguro they won’t accept reservations.

  9. I wanna try their food…i hope it’s not that much expensive

  10. @Alex: Thanks again for visiting our blog! 🙂 The prices for me are not that expensive, just about average. I’ve updated the post to show the food prices. Enjoy!

  11. please feature nonki! it’s one of the best Japanese restaurants in town.

  12. @Ling – Sure, we have a Nonki review coming this March. Thanks for dropping by our blog.

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