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So we’ve been hearing about this little nook for the past couple of weeks. Friends, officemates and a feature in the newspaper’s lifestyle section have all name-dropped it indicating that we should try it out sometime.

Supposedly the place has a nice homey rugged-minimalistic ambiance and could only seat a limited number of people (around 20-25) at its fullest capacity. People were buzzing about it having good food at wallet-friendly prices. Then came Friday night of 08-08-08… my friends (Jeff, Grace and Jon) and I were looking for some place to have dinner at and after much ballyhoo, we decided to look for this not-so-easy-to-find nook. After driving for about twenty minutes from Ayala Center Cebu to the Guadalupe/Andres Abellana area, voila… lookie what we found:

Dong Juan is located in Emilio Osmena Street, Cebu City (Philippines) … if you’re Cebuano and you don’t know where that is, just drive (or pass) slowly going to Banawa coming in from Capitol. Emilio Osmena St. is the 2nd or 3rd corner to the right (after Andres Abellana St.)

We ordered all-meat pizza (thin crust) which was delish in my book. Also calamari, pork steak, baby back ribs and linguini meatballs … as well as lemon iced tea to go with all the food. Check out our selection, and to think one of us was a vegetarian (hint: not me).

Overall I liked what we had… I’ll be sure to go back there to try out the other stuff on their menu. The glass bottle for their iced tea was a nice touch.

That’s about all the pictures I’m willing to share right now. Just trying out something new… attempt #1 to review a restaurant… I failed haha. And here we were thinking about starting a food blog.

Anyway, just wanted to say that I liked this place… low-key and relaxed atmosphere with good food. I prefer these kinds of places over the more commercial and flashy ones. Recommended!

This article was originally published in Berg’s blog.

Photo Credits: Berg and Fedge



  1. the owner of dong juan is my friend 🙂 i frequently go there 🙂
    he is a terrific cook!

  2. Bernz, can I go with you when you “frequently go there”? hehe

  3. Excuse me lng poh… hi new friendship babyburnz … kuyog nya ta ha sa imong next “frequent-going-there” 🙂 I wanna try their burger bya 🙂

  4. as in, the burger is juicy and soooo good! nalimtan nako akong fave grilled burger… so worth it! 😉

  5. Ok unsa may lami sa dong juan? Wala pa gyud mi ka ari.

  6. hi fedge. so, dili lang diay ni hype ang dong juan? i read it sa puno ba ni sila kung weekend? long drive man gud from my place… heheheh. manigurado lang ko.

  7. @jan: salamat sa pagbisita ug pag comment… hehehe… we went there jan friday night to… but gabie nasad kaau mga 9pm na… so I dunno how puno it is talaga… but gamay ra gyd ang lingkuranan… naka adto mn ka ug Zao before diba?

    in case mapuno ang dong juan.. nindot sad sa Tara’s Cafe Jan… wla palang nigawas amo review hehehe… pwede na nimo alternative in case puno gyud

  8. f mag jep wat man sakyan?

  9. Fedge, Shel, Eyean… tabang guys, di ko kabalo mutubag sa pangutana ni mai hehe… di ko sweto sa lugar

  10. Hala, ikaw may nakaadto na, tubagun gyud na nimo, our credibility is at stake! hehe Daku-a aning problimaha oi, ka level sa global warming 🙂

  11. @mai:

    I’ll (try to) give you the best way to get there by jeepney. First click on the below map.

    I think you will ride a Guadalupe or Banawa or Labangon jeepney. So from the capitol, a few meters from there you will see Cheavers on the other side of the road. Naog lng ka dira then mosulod ka adtong skina on your right. I think you have to do a bit of walking kay there aren’t any jeepneys that pass by there directly.

    If you are familiar with the old location of Zao before, ang Dong Juan na ang nag-occupy ana karon. Then Dong Juan is also near first Mooon Cafe rasad.

    Hala I hope this helps =)

  12. thx for the info..for the sketch…try to visit dat place soon.

  13. @mai: no problem… share with us your experience ha 🙂

  14. oh, i’ll try this one out. looks interesting. quite interesting.

  15. @yen: hi mam, yeah you should try Dong Juan… then share your experience nya ha…

  16. hi babyburnz, do you have contact details of Dong Juan? Our batch from college is planning to have a reunion this month and we’re really looking for a place thats not so big with good food. And we’re looking the area in Guadalupe.

  17. hi Shel, Fedge, Berg, and Eyean…this site of yours is indeed very helpful especially for people like me na dugay dugay na jud na wala nakapuyo sa Cebu. I was born and raised in Cebu but land a job outside of the country so mga twice a year ra ko makapauli ug Cebu.
    Need your expertise/experiences sa mga nindot na restos sa Cebu. Our batch man gud sa college kay magreunion this month. Actually naa na mi set na date pero wala pa mi venue.
    From your experiences as pakalistas..asa man ang nindot na place na dili kaayo crowded then lami ug food and if possible naay private area like a function room where we can stay.
    Someone from our batch ang nagsuggest ug Tara’s Cafe kay naa daw private room. Ang uban sad ingon na Fine Cuisine sa Parkmall.

    Hope you can help…Taas kaayo ako istorya noh…sensya na.


  18. @Lizzie – Hi, thanks for dropping by. We are glad you find our blog useful. We’ll try to help you find a place this month, which can be very challenging considering it’s Christmas Party month.

    A lot of the places are booked, and some actually do not accept reservations from Fridays through weekend. Most, if not all, restaurants at The Terraces in Ayala do not accept reservations. You have to be physically IN the restaurant to reserve a place, di sila mosugot magpa-reserve bisan one hour lang gani.

    Anyways, we can help you with your choices (and Parkmall is good since not so crowded pa siya, bigger mo chance maka-book ug place didto). How many are you guys? And do you have budget constraints? There are so many restaurants to choose from, but many might be fully booked already.

  19. hi Shel, thanks for your reply. Siguro mga around 20 ra mi tanan. Just now, one of our batchmate called up Fine Cuisine sa Parkmall kaso naa na man nakabook sa ila sa Dec. 26.

    I think we will be taking off The Terraces sa amo choices kay murag daghan jud tao nganha especially karong holiday season.

    One of our organizers just send me an email this afternoon ang managed to book tara’s cafe on our set date… is this a good choice?

    We’re also looking at Casa Verde near Ramos St. & Moon Cafe. Of the three restos mentioned…asa man ang pinaka OK?

    Thanks again for your time..keep up the good work Pakalistas.

  20. Hi Lizzie!

    I’ve been to Casa Verde in Ramos, Mooon Cafe at the IT Park (and one of my co-bloggers said the one in Guadalupe serves tastier stuff), but not in Tara’s Cafe. I’m actually the only Pakalista who hasn’t been to Tara’s. According to Fedge, Berg, and Eyean (and my other friends), the food is okay. I’ve passed by the place, and it seems small but maybe enough space for 20 people. I think they also have live music in some days. Anyways, Tara’s is a good choice. We will have a review about it soon (we have the pics but wala pa naka-write hehe, na-backstage pa siya hehe).

    Casa Verde diay is bigger of your three choices, and the food is okay and reasonably priced. Lami gyud ang steaks and dagko ang portions 🙂 Daghan lang sad tao pirmi ni na resto. When we went there a year ago, murag mas daghan pa Koreans kesa Filipino patrons. Mooon Cafe lami sad ang food. If you got a reservation sa Tara’s, better stick to that nalang siguro. Lucky na mo you managed to book a place this late.

    Have a nice party!

  21. Tara’s Cafe is an OK choice. Serving size is big. We’ll try if we can post it before your party so you’ll have an idea on food choices & prices.

  22. Hello Lizzie!

    Now that you guys have booked Tara’s Cafe I guess the other choices are out. But in my opinion you made the best choice out of the three you mentioned (the other two being Mooon Cafe and Casa Verde). Tara’s is not popular yet I think while the other two have become quite popular already that they usually have so many customers resulting in poor service and subpar quality of the food in terms of taste. Unless you go to their original branches (Mooon – the one in Guadalupe; Casa Verde – the one in Ramos), you won’t experience the real reason why they became so popular in the first place. Tara’s on the other hand, in my opinion, is the baby among the three. It only has one branch so far, and it has what you’re looking for – a function room. The ambiance of the place feels kinda old when compared to the youthful colors and atmospheres of the other two, but its not bad by a mile. I have to mention an observation though, I find that the food at Tara’s tastes better on weekends… I think a different chef prepares them during weekdays because of lesser customers and the better one handles the weekends hehe. So you guys are lucky, Dec 26th falls on a friday. As for Dong Juan, it would’ve been the perfect place to book venue-wise because it is tucked away from the rest of the crowded areas of the city and you could have had the entire place all to yourselves. The food choices there though are limited. So that’s it for my take on all that… haha I hope wa mo malibat ug binasa sa akong reply nga one long paragraph. Hope you guys have a great Christmas get-together and have a great Christmas Season! Cheers! 🙂

    – bErG

  23. @Berg – Nice to “hear” you in our blog hehe. Hapit ra ko nalibat, as in you gave “not reader friendly” a new definition gyud. Gisayangan ka sa space mao imung gidutdut tanan? hehe Merry Christmas bai!

  24. hi, beem n dong juan last wk….da food is jz ok,,,but dnt like da taste of da calamares…., well, thx anyway
    PIT SEñOR!..more power

  25. wat tym mg open and mg close ang dong juan?

  26. dong juan opens at 11am and closes at 10pm (last time i checked last year)… naay probability nga nausab na na nga details though 🙂

  27. hi guy! Is there any contact number or delivery number in Don Juan’s All Meat Pizza? tnx

  28. Hi! I went to Dong Juan a few months ago, a week after I saw it featured in a newspaper. I have to agree that the place is nice and peaceful. It’s quite difficult though, to locate if you are commuting.

    Anyway, the food we tried was their best-selling pizza (i don’t remember the name) and their steak. Personally, I think the pizza was a bit sour, while the steak was just average.

    If I were to rate it from 1 to 5, it would be 3. I wouldn’t say it was the best I’ve tried in the city, though.

    P.S.: The bottle used for their iced tea is eye catching. 😉

  29. we went to dong juan last night with my family and the food was fantastic . . . . two thumbs up for their burger, suppeerr yummmyy, im looking forward for my next visit! thanks to my sister in law who introduce the place to us!

  30. i Love the pLace.. soooo cute yet toooo amazing! my eyes can’t heLp but to Look around and Look at every singLe detaiL!! very reLaxing..

  31. I’m currently working at Dong Juan, and we’re doing our best to give you guys our great service. Ayaw lang pud mo ka “hot” ug maayo kay kami sa kitchen, we always prepare first class for your appetite. Hope to see you soon there at Dong Juan.

  32. any number of dong juan?

  33. ZAO anyone?how’s the food and pricing?i’m planning a dinner treat to my bf..

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